Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener Review

by Virtual Exhibit on October 13, 2012

Internet marketing and shopping on televised home networks is on the rise. These outlets have come to be extremely popular, not because of the prices that they offer, but due to the miracles that their products promise to deliver. As jaded shoppers, the question that we really must ask ourselves is “can this product really do what it claims?”

Once such item promising unparalleled performance is the Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener. We have seen knife sharpeners come and go over the years. We have seen knives that could cut through pennies and human hairs after they have been sharpened. More miracles!

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However, many of these feats simply could not be reproduced off television.

Mankind has been sharpening stones since we emerged from caves. You would think that this technology could have been refined to a high degree by now.

So has someone finally gotten it right? This review will look in depth at the Edge of Glory knife sharper to see if someone really has produced a product that is a cut above the rest.

Why Another Knife Sharpener?

The knife is a critical tool in the kitchen. Anyone who has struggled to prepare a meal that involves lots of chopping and dicing with a dull knife can attest to this fact. If there is a new knife sharpener on the market that can ease your labor, why not add it to the arsenal?

Knife sharpeners of the past have also been fairly focused on utility. But this knife sharpener has looks. I myself have always been one for Form being placed slightly ahead of Function, so this is the first positive thing I can point out about the Edge of Glory Sharpener.

A suction cup on the bottom is designed to hold the apparatus securely in place during use, and in fact, encourages you to find it a permanent place on the kitchen counter. This feature is certainly a plus.

You will have a consistent reminder to keep those blade edges performing at the top of their game! Believe it or not, this factor really does affect the ability to succeed when it comes to food presentation.

How it Works

The blade of your knife is inserted between two tungsten carbide pieces positioned on the top of the open face utensil. The bits are perfectly positioned in a “V” formation. A handy arrow directs you in the correct direction to pull your blade.

A few quick passes leaves you with a perfectly sharp knife. The process is simple and is even kind of fun. Also, the suction cup feature is much better than what you might be picturing. You might be envisioning the cheap suction cups that are supposed to hold spiders on windows at Halloween, which invariably fall.

The actual cup provides strong suction that you engage with a small lever on the side of the device. Even with the full weight of a standard person (150-200 lbs.), the cup will not budge. The suction cup seems to work equally well on all surfaces, be it stainless steel, masonite, marble, or even laminate.

The Magic of Advertisement

Ads for the Edge of Glory Sharpener show the enthusiastic chef running a credit card through the sharpener once and then seamlessly slicing through a ripe tomato. When attempting this miracle of engineering yourself, you are likely to get the same results of all the customers that gave the exercise a whirl: a badly mangled tomato.

But if you are a persistent person, then you are likely to run your card through the sharpener over and over again. After enough passes you will get a distinguishable edge that will cut through a tomato with some degree of competency.

This small amount of deception concerning the efficiency of the product is no reason to completely turn away in disgust. After all, we do expect companies to exaggerate their claims simply to get our attention.

Passing the Test

Once your infomercial curiosity has been satisfied, it is time to test the real blades. The actual performance is quite good, even after running credit cards over the sharpeners. While some sharpeners are designed to work well with only high-quality blades, the Edge of Glory Sharpener seems to perform equally well on all blades.

Even low quality blades and hunting knives that were designed to do jobs that one would not encounter in the kitchen had good results. As a sharpener, it has the ability to remove nicks from blades that were aged. Even hand sharpeners will have a hard time standing up to the performance of this product.

The amount of elbow grease required for different blades remained consistent. Regardless of the condition of the knife (to a reasonable degree), four to six swipes of the blade gets the job done.

The design is attractive as well. The Edge of Glory certainly deserves a visible spot in the kitchen. It is lightweight, compact, and a traditional creamy white color that will match any kitchen décor.

The Results are In

There are very few bad things to say about this product. It lives up to its claims! The only drawbacks that can be pointed out are pretty standard for kitchen gadgets in this day and age.

The price is reasonable ($10.99); however, the shipping costs are like most As Seen on TV products – ridiculous.  You can expect to pay a separate shipping and handling on the “free” second sharpener.

The actual material making up the body is a cheap plastic composite, but it seems to be thick enough to withstand years of heavy abuse.  If properly cared for, it is likely to outlive the tungsten sharpeners themselves. The “V” sharpener cannot be replaced when they eventually dull, so you cannot have any kind of “lifetime guarantee” expectations.

Overall, this is a great gadget you can comfortably order online or the next time you park yourself in front of HSN to pass an evening of insomnia.

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