MET-Rx 180 Workout Review

by Virtual Exhibit on September 25, 2012

MET-Rx 180 is one of the many fitness programs that promises to completely transform your body in a few weeks. You may have seen the infomercials late at night. They usually involve a fitness instructor trying to sell you an exercise program that he or she guarantees will transform your body and change your life.

MET-Rx claims that its 180 program can sculpt your body in 90 days and comes with a range of fitness materials to help you do it. The question is this: how much of this is realistic and how much of it is just marketing hype?

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The sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits of many people around the world has resulted in an obesity epidemic. It is well-known that being overweight and unfit can cause major health problems, from diabetes to heart disease.

The cure for it lies with a proper diet and regular exercise, but not everyone has the motivation to get started or to follow through. They may also not know how to create a structured fitness plan.

Following an organized, properly designed exercise and diet plan is an important part of weight-loss success. Attempting to lose weight without a structured plan makes it easy to fail; in many cases people simply quit exercising and return to their old ways.

The Claim

MET-Rx claims that in just 90 days it is possible for you to not only lose weight but to become stronger and fitter as well. The MET-Rx 180 program will help to tone your body and provide you with additional strength. It will also speed up your metabolism to help you to build muscle mass and burn calories.

For people who do not want to build muscle, it can also be used just to tone and define muscles. MET-Rx claims that the 180 workout program is easy for users to follow and they offer a 90 day money back guarantee if it does not work.

The Hype

The MET-Rx 180 ads feature a lot of fit, good-looking people exercising, with the implied promise that the viewer will be able to become fit and good looking as well. It could be perceived as giving people unrealistic expectations.

The people performing the workouts in the ads are already fit, and working out with relative ease. An obese person starting this program will most likely not be able to perform the exercises as fluidly or without stopping, even if the workouts are designed to gradually acclimate their bodies to exercise.

Furthermore, if you struggle with your weight you probably already know that losing weight is one thing, keeping it off is another. The ads stress the initial weight loss but what about life after the first 12 weeks?

The Cost

To get fit with MET-Rx, you will have to fork out a single $119.85. This gets you the MET-Rx kit with a warranty on the DVDs. Otherwise, you can opt to make three payments of $39.95 which still gets you everything but without the DVD warranty.

In both cases, the kit will be shipped to you free. This is not bad when compared to other similar fitness programs that charge roughly the same amount, usually with less additional gear.

However, it is $119.95 that depends on your own work ethic to be well spent.

The MET-Rx 180 kit comes with 16 workouts on 12 DVDs along with:

  •   A 10lb resistance Band
  •   MET-Rx 180 exercise ball
  •   A caliper for measuring body fat
  •   A nutrition guide
  •   A fitness guide
  •   A subscription to the MET-Rx community website
  •   A wall poster
  •   A tape measure
  •   MET-Rx apps for smartphones and tablets

The Commitment

You will have to exercise for five to six days a week for the full 60 day period. You get to rest on one day: Sunday. The workouts do vary in length and will last from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the day of the week and how far advanced you are within the program.

Not only will you have to work out on a regular basis, it is recommended that you use the MET-Rx nutritional supplements as well (sold separately). The supplements available include the MET-Rx protein bars, protein shakes and their recovery drink.


Of course, the most important ingredient in your success is you; you will need the drive necessary for the program to be effective. There is no magic bullet to losing weight and while MET-Rx does provide you with some very useful tools and motivation for doing it, you have to use them to transform your body.

Make no mistake, there is nothing easy about working out and eating the right foods. While MET-Rx is designed to make the process organized and relatively easy, it still requires a considerable amount of self-control and discipline. MET-Rx 180 is best for people who are determined to lose weight.

Final Thoughts on MET-Rx 180

There are many other fitness programs out there for you to choose from, but MET-Rx 180 has a few things going for it that the others do not. MET-Rx has been around for over 20 years and is known as a maker of sports nutrition products for bodybuilders. This means that you are getting fitness equipment and instruction from a proven entity in the fitness world and not a new company that was started just to capitalize on a recent fad.

Also, MET-Rx 180 was developed by Frank Sepe, a bodybuilder, model and author. Motivation and structure are a big part of changing your life and transforming your body. MET-Rx strives to provide both, as well as to supply you with the tools and resources that will get you exercising and able to measure your progress.

Our Recommendation

If you have issues with your weight and have struggled with diets and exercise equipment, MET-Rx can help you to lose weight. You can consider the $119.85 price an investment in your future health and well being. That said, the main role in getting fitter is yours. No matter how well a program is designed, you have use it for it to be successful. If you have the desire then MET-Rx 180 can indeed help you to transform your body in 90 days.

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