Booty Pop Review – Do these panties really lift?

by Virtual Exhibit on May 11, 2012

We all know that the contemporary world of fashion and fitness stresses a flattering backside. Unfortunately for many of us, we weren’t gifted with a round, shapely bottom.  In fact, we may look more like a wall back there than anything else.  What’s a girl to do?

Enter Booty Pop!   You may not be able to achieve the real thing, but you sure can fake it!  Booty Pop panties are an innovative and creative way to highlight your bottom without going for surgery or a rigorous gym routine. They give the illusion of a perfect backside without all the hassle.

Now before you start saying that this is ridiculous and criticizing me on the grounds that women should be proud of the body they already have, consider the push-up bra.  Accepted by women worldwide, the push-up bra has earned a place in many women’s lives.  What’s the difference between that and the padded panty?  It’s just one more little trick to help you feel confident while you’re out and about.

Know Your Booty Pops

Designed by Susan Bloomstone and Lisa Reisler, the panties are a revolutionary invention for women who value their curves. Featured on shows like The Today Show and on Entertainment Tonight’s must-have list, Booty Pops have become one fashion tool that many women are relying on for getting that rounded look.

Unlike the women of fifty years ago who did all they could to minimize and flatten their bodies, today’s women are proud of their natural shape.  Booty Pops are just another way of accentuating what is already there to show off.

The Booty Pop Secret

For women who love to wear jeans, shorts, fitted dresses and the like, a toned backside is a must-have. Unlike girdles, which are increasingly uncomfortable while being worn, Booty Pops are a handier, wiser and more comfortable option to emphasize your behind. Crafted from a blend of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, the lingerie has just the right amount of stretch and compression. The fabric’s elasticity makes it comfortable for everyday wear.

In fact, women with small behinds can now accentuate their curves like never before. The padded inserts of the Booty Pop panties round up the bottom cheeks, perking them up as soon as you put them on.

Size Them Up

Booty Pop Panties are available in sizes X-small, small, medium, large and extra large. The small, medium and large size options are also referred to as sweet, sweeter and sweetest respectively. In a way, all sizes of curves are admired and appreciated the way that they should be!

Booty Pops For All

The best part about this undergarment is its versatility. From a corporate woman to a housewife, ladies from all walks of life can benefit from Booty Pop’s delicious fit. Many women like to look their best anytime, anywhere. Even those at home all day can feel special knowing that they look good, even if only for themselves.

When it comes to your professional look, Booty Pop panties can make your pantsuits and skirts fit better, enhancing your overall persona.  The black and nude colors are a great base for all outfits.

Choose Your Booty Pop

Booty Pop underwear offers you a selection of flirty and functional panties to choose from. The range is well thought out and gives you different options for different occasions. Here’s what they offer:

Booty Pop Licorice Or Creme Caramel- These are the classic cotton panties in combination with spandex which makes them stretch. The elasticity factor makes them fit snugly and comfortably while the cotton keeps them fresh and breathable. The pads are strategically placed in the panties to shape your booty and are non-removable so that they stay in place. You can just hang them to dry or flat-dry them after washing on a delicate clothes cycle with cold water and mild detergent.

Other colors available in Booty Pops are pleasing Pink Cotton Candy, Sour Apple Candy, Blueberry Gumdrop, Cherry Pop, White Marshmallow, Candy Confetti and many more. Pick the one that best suits your personal style and preference. The candy themed colors are cute and leave you feeling like a princess.

Booty Pop Lace Panties- These are the ultra-sensual and delicate lace half-pop panties made from one hundred percent nylon. Colors include black, cherry and lavender.

Booty Pop Microfiber Panties- These panties provides the perfect support to your booty. Designed from 90 percent nylon and 10 percent spandex, the panties lift and round up your behind. Simple cold water machine wash is adequate to maintain them.

Booty Pop Boy Short Cotton underwear is also available and is chic and stylish to wear.

The Booty Pop Review and Real Life Experiences

Booty Pop panties seem to be a boon for many women. They have been in the news and a number of women have shared their experiences about the use and dependability of these panties.

Although many reviewers are very positive about their experience with Booty Pops, common complaints are that the sizing is off and that you can’t wear them with tight, stretchy pants which show everything, since the seams show.  We suggest carefully and honestly measuring yourself before buying these panties.

If you would like to wear them under yoga pants or similarly constructed pants and shorts, you may want to look at a traditional, seamless padded panty.  There are other brands and styles available, either on Amazon or at your local department store.  Though they may not give the same “pop” under jeans, they’re probably more practical for wearing under tight-fitting bottoms.

According to some women, the panties focus on the younger crowd but there are some middle-aged women too who have benefited from them.

If you do decide that Booty Pops are for you, be sure to keep your eyes open for some special offers, such as the ‘buy two and get two free’ Booty Pop spring sale.

Most of all, enjoy that curvy feeling as you’re wearing your new Booty Pops.

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