Brainetics Reviewed – Does it Really Work or Not?

by Virtual Exhibit on July 22, 2012

We all know that most people have a dominate side – the right side has been described as being more creative, while the left is your logical, analytical side.   For instance, many people say that “right-brained people” are artsy, while “left-brained people” are good at math.  This may be generalizing a good bit, but the science does prove that the left and right sides of the brain work very differently in how they process information.

What does this mean when you are trying to learn something or trying to help another person or child learn something?  Unfortunately, it often means that information is presented in a way that does not “stick” with the person who is learning or being taught.  For instance, there have been studies done on children who had a very hard time learning a particular skill when taught by traditional methods, but when music is used as a teaching tool they are able to pick it up very quickly.  The key is to target both sides of the brain.

Brainetics is a learning program that works by training both the left and the right side of the brain. By targeting both sides of the brain, it will not be difficult for you or your child to understand the information being presented and it will stay in the brain for a longer period of time. Brainetics aims to enhace the critical thinking, problem solving, memory retention, and attention span of the person learning.

How Brainetics Targets Both Sides of the Brain

Unlike traditional teaching methods that present facts which are then memorized and regurgitated (for instance, to pass a test),  Brainetics helps develop the actual skills that help your child learn.  “Learning skills” includes the ability to think, solve, analyze, memorize, and retain information.

Brainetics has a series of activities that will train both sides of the brain.  The results of this type of training are usually astounding.  Because it is so unlike typical teaching methods, people are often amazed by the outcome.

Finally, children love this program because it is not like the boring way of learning in typical classrooms; rather it consists of different fun, yet purposeful training activities.

Who Can Use Brainetics?

Brainetics was designed to be used not only by toddlers, school-aged children  and teenagers, but also by adults and the elderly. It also has been found to work well for children with learning disabilities. Teachers who would like to enhance their teaching skills can also learn a lot from the program.

The Brainetics’ Claim

Brainetics guarantees increase in the ability of a child to use all learning skills. They will learn to literally love mathematics and problem solving. They will be able to use his mind in a critical way so that the solutions to the problem are quickly formulated.

For adults and elderly people, Brainetics promises to awaken the brain once again. As we age, we often stop using the brain in the active way we did when we were younger.  You know what they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.  When adults use their brain again after a period of relative inactivity, it can lessen their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other mental conditions as they age.

The Cost

This may all sound great, but all the greatness costs something. If you order a complete package kit, it can cost up to $149. The package includes the DVDs, playing cards, playbook, flashbook, and bonus quick start system (the shipment fee is included already). For $14.99, the company offers a 14 day trial. If, after the 14 days, you found it useful and would like to continue the program, you must pay the remainder of the $149.

Give it a try Here.

A Brainetics Review

According to a nurse mom who had some difficulties helping her child concentrate on studying and minimize playing time, Brainetics made it a lot easier for all of them in her household. There was a time when she felt frustrated after seeing her child choose playing over studying. She blamed herself for not being a responsible mother, knowing that she was a nurse and she understood perfectly how to deal with the mind of the child.

Nonetheless, it seemed there was nothing left to do but to hire tutors for her child. The sessions were able to help, but still did not produce the desired result. All this was before she discovered Brainetics.

The moment she heard about it, she immediately purchase a set as she was already desperate in finding the best solution for her child’s no interest in her studies. The delivery of Brainetics happened three days after she ordered. She read through the materials and had her child watch it.

She was happy with the first few days because, unlike when she would normally force her child to complete her assignments, this time she didn’t have to force her to watch.  In fact, her child seemed eager for the time to watch Brainetics!

After a few months, it was amazing how her attention span had increased and she had begun to show interest in learning. She even learned to like studying because she could understand and relate to what she was reading. The mom was really happy and found that because of Brainetics, her child learned to love studying.

Our Conclusion

Brainetics was created to work in the same way the brain functions. This approach makes it effective in increasing a person’s learning abilities. Children love its fun, engaging style. Brainetics eliminates the traditional teacher-learner setting in a classroom and helps lengthen the user’s attention span.

The main drawback is its price. Not everyone who wants the product can afford it.  We recommend trying the 14 day trial and getting a feel for the program.  If it’s something you truly feel will be helpful in your situation, perhaps setting some money aside to purchase Brainetics is a wise idea.

We feel that we should also offer a little disclaimer here.  No matter how great the Brainetics program is, it will not work if a child too young to learn at a certain level or if there are other factors such as sickness, a noisy environment, an empty stomach, etc.  Most parents have the common sense to recognize this, but it doesn’t hurt to say it as a caution.

On the whole, however, reviews of the Brainetics program have been extremely positive.  If you or your child or someone you know is looking to improve their thinking and learning skills, we highly recommend trying it.

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