Fat Burning Furnace Review

by Virtual Exhibit on June 13, 2012

Ah, dieting.  For many of us that word invokes dread and even fear.  If you’re like most people you have your own war stories from days in the trenches of this diet or the other.

Many people have gone from seeing dieting as a challenge to a downright pointless pursuit.  Every time they try they give up, so why keep trying?

To make it worse, the conventional fad diet usually leaves people deprived, dehydrated, and even depressed. Often, these fad diets are good for water weight-loss only, meaning the results are only temporary.  Even success is short-lived, causing the most dedicated dieter to question whether it’s really worth all that effort.

For those who have managed to lose some weight, they often run into the dreaded plateau.  Cruising along happily, they one day hit a wall where absolutely no more weight will come off.

Even though exercise can help burn off some of that extra weight, it’s often not enough. Many people desperately want that toned look.

The Real Problem

The real problem is that people don’t actually know what to do.  They follow the latest trends or headlines on magazines in the checkout aisle at the grocery store.  One expert says this, another says that, and at the end of the day all that information is confusing and contradictory!

Enter the Fat Burning Furnace.

One of the most logical, scientific, and sensible programs available right now, the Fat Burning Furnace skips all the “expert” advice and gets down to business.  This weight-based training program takes little time, is easy to understand and use, and delivers real results.  And not just over the short term.  Since the user is building muscles, weight loss is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The other focus of Fat Burning Focus is nutrition.  The eating plan in this program is straight-forward and easy to implement.  Not only that, it doesn’t waste time with lots of expensive, celebrity-style recipes.  This plan is for real people who live in the real world and spend real money on their food.  Which brings us to the another thing we like about this program…

The Price Tag

Fat Burning does not require you to spend money you don’t have don special shakes, packaged meals, and expensive exercise equipment. Compared to those expensive and often futile diet programs, the people behind Far Burning Furnace actually deliver the secret for rapid and sustained weight loss.

They teach the user how to eat the proper fat-burning foods so that their metabolism will be boosted from the inside out. Foods, after all, should not be our enemy. The secret is actually discovering which foods will stoke the body and help burn calories even during the hours you’re not working out.

The Premise of Fat Burning Furnace

Many people think that eating right is just about limiting portion size. They’re often not aware that they their food choices are actually slowing down their metabolism and sabotaging their weight loss efforts.

Not only does eating the wrong foods lead to weight gain, it also leads to health problems over the long term. What the body needs is the proper fat burning food. The plan of Fat Burning Furnace will help you choose food that brings about that coveted weight loss as well as all around good health.

The whole structure of the diet plan is the creation of a new body that is based on completely burning the weight off using strength training. The program offers a two-front approach in achieving the body you would want.

The first is burning those unwanted fats with the use of weight training and exercise. The second approach is developing and increasing the metabolism of the body to burn fat during every hour of the day. The logic behind this is increasing muscle tissue so that more calories will be burned. The reason is that more calories are needed to sustain muscle tissue.

Fat Burning Furnace was created by Rob Paulos, an expert in fat loss. The 3 eBooks are Advanced Workout Logs eBook, Blowtorch Training Manual eBook and The FBF main eBook. Also included is a metabolic rate counter, analyzer for body fat and series of coaching videos online.

The main module of Fat Burning Furnace is a book with 128 pages which contain both weight training and nutrition information. The first 13 pages are an introduction, 67 pages are for workouts and exercise and 40 pages are for information on nutrition and specifications. One great thing about this is that it contains very detailed illustrations of each exercise which is coupled with detailed explanations on how it should be done.


  • The book is well written.
  • It has received great reviews and there are many testimonials.
  • Includes extensive weight training information.
  • Includes extensive nutritional information.
  • As compared to other fitness books, this one is written in such a way that it can be easily understood without any scientific knowledge required on the part of the reader.
  • It comes with a money back guarantee which makes every purchase secure.


  •  The program focuses on weight training, which means that it does not have much information on cardio work outs.  This is easily remedied by using a simple cardio format such as interval training or Tabata circuits.  Plenty of information is readily available online for those who wish to incorporate extra cardio into their routines.
  • For those who are looking for an easy fix, doing a regular workout may not be very appealing.  For those who are serious about weight loss, committing to a regular workout is a small price to pay for the results they will achieve.

Customer Reviews

The Fat Burning Furnace diet has been used by so many people from so many countries. Many of them were able to share these experiences online. Many have testified that other plans they’ve tried in the past didn’t even compare with this one. They are often pleased with how easy the book is to read and implement. The illustrations receive high marks among many users. Some of these customers, who were skeptical in buying it at first, were thankful that they took the plunge and ordered it.

The main thing that people seem happy about is that with the diet plan of the FBF, you don’t need to be hungry or exercise for hours on end. The plan shows you the foods that you need to include in your meals that will get that metabolism going. Also, the price is very reasonable, given the results.

To sum it up, Fat Burning Furnace is a good plan for those who have been frustrated with past weight loss programs and are looking for a good all around, common-sense solution.  If you want to cut the crap and just get down to business with weight loss, then this program may be for you.  Check it out and see what you think.

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