Hot Buns Hair Review

by Virtual Exhibit on November 25, 2012

Hot Buns are hair accessories that make putting hair up into a mess-free, fashionable bun easy. The name may imply something entirely different, but this is probably to entice women to buy the product for the purpose of getting a hot, trendy and attractive look without going to the salon. After all, it is not difficult to twirl hair into a ponytail holder, whirl it around and secure it in place. So, is there really a need for a special gadget that does this?

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Just about any woman can relate to being in a rush with no time to style their hair properly. In situations like this, the only solution to the dilemma may be to quickly throw their hair up in a bun. Whether it ends up looking like a bun or a knotty mess may not be the greatest concern at the time, but this is exactly where Hot Buns come in as a product with a practical solution.

Achieving Salon-Perfect Styles with Hot Buns

Picture that woman rushing to get ready for work with no time to properly do her hair. She instead reaches for a Hot Bun with which to easily style her hair. Only with this amazing new product, as opposed to a ponytail holder, the result is truly a perfect, professional-looking bun. The one thing missing from this style versus another accessory is any trace of the knotty mess previously mentioned. Plus, there are plenty of other styles these can be used for as well.

While the end result of the styling with the product does appear elaborate and professionally done, the product itself does not seem to have much on the standard ponytail holder. In fact, at first glance, they look like traditional hair “scrunchies”. On closer examination, however, their patent-pending design is a bit more intricate.

They snap apart, becoming a tube for the hair to roll onto. To use a them, an individual rolls the hair around the opened Hot Bun, snaps it securely shut and wraps the band around the base of the bun to achieve a neat, glamorous hairstyle.

Right now you can get these lovely gadgets in two shades. There is a dark shade is for brunettes and a light shade for blonds. There is no color in between, so if a redhead wants to use the product it seems there is a slight risk of the accessory showing through the finished style.

This specially designed band allows users to secure hair in place without any uncomfortable tightness or pulling. Using the Hot Buns hair product also means not having to mess with things like bobby pins and copious amounts of hair spray just to keep the hair in place. In addition to coming in different shades, they also come in different sizes. There are three sizes to choose from in all.

The large size can be used for full, sophisticated buns, such as those needed for special events and weddings. Medium sizes work for just about any occasion whether classy or casual as they provide a more simplified, but still traditional, bun. Small sizes allow for half-bun hairstyles where some hair from the bun drapes at the shoulders.
Salon Results without the Price

Instead of having to pay a hair stylist to do what is a relatively simple job, a woman can make use of affordable Hot Buns hair product time and time again. They make the look of the hairstyle every bit as if it had been done in a professional salon, but definitely without the price tag. Not only that, but there is no need to make a special trip to a salon to get this timeless and elegant look for any occasion, whether it be a day at the office or a night out on the town.

For younger girls who want to look good for school or for a special date, this is a suitable product. In fact, Hot Buns work for girls and women of all ages. It can be a useful product to have around for moms who need to help get their daughter’s hair in shape at the start of a busy day. Plus, those moms can use theirs to sleek up their appearance before heading out the door to drop the kids off at school or head off to work.

Naturally, the testimony any person giving for a commercial is going to say something along the lines of just how much she loves her hair with the product. In fact, commercials do have women exclaiming, “I love my Hot Buns!”

That may be cute, but what do real customers that have not appeared in commercials think about them? What do they say about how easy it is to purchase or use the product? One customer said that, “Getting my bun to stay in position and stay in place is a lot easier with Hot Buns”.

Where to Buy

The results that this product gives alone are well worth giving it a chance. They are available online for prices that also make them a good value. A set of three runs about $10 plus shipping and handling. They also come with a band which secures the Hot Bun in the desired position as well as a booklet containing additional style hints and tips. The shipping charges are reasonable, and the use anyone can expect to get from the product should be well worth the purchase price and shipping several times over.

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Overall, it may seem at first that the trendy bun is something anyone should be able to do without much effort, cost or styling tools. This product, however, does allow a user to achieve professional salon-like results without the time needed for an appointment or the cost for that appointment, whether it is a simple bun for daytime wear or a more complex, fancy one for an evening event.

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