Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Remover Review

by Virtual Exhibit on February 1, 2013

If you’re in search of a gentle and highly functional alternative to costly hair removal treatments, the Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Remover was designed to deliver spa quality hair removal at home or during travel.

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Affordable Laser Hair Removal Whenever You Need It

flash n go productThe type of hair removal provided by this device is usually very costly and requires an appointment at a spa or clinic. Depending on the areas of the body being treated, professional hair removal can cost well over $2000.

The Flash n Go offers functionality and convenience at a much more affordable price. There aren’t any appointments to make or schedules to keep. The device gives users the freedom and flexibility to remove body and facial hair when it’s needed the most.

Clinically Proven Hair Removal Technology In Your Hands

The Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Remover uses clinically proven hair removal technology that has been used in the industry for over 5 years. This light-based hair removal works by sending light and acoustic energy deep within the hair follicle.

This energy is absorbed by the hair and stops its growth process during treatment. The hair follicle continues to absorb this energy while the skin remains at its normal temperature. This energy absorption and difference between tissue and hair temperature removes hair very effectively.

Although this type of treatment was once only administered by physicians and professional salons, you can put the same technology used in the industry in your very own hands.

The device isn’t as powerful as the ones used by spas and doctors, but uses Home Pulsed Light to permanently reduce and remove hair virtually anywhere.By using much less power than conventional laser hair removal devices, the unit has been cleared by the FDA for safety and home use.

Using The Silk’n Flash and Go For Home Hair Removal

The device has 5 settings for intensity and comes with two lamp cartridges and a DVD to help you learn best practices for home hair removal. The cartridges cost $49 each, but each one will give you 1000 light flashes during treatments.

Although the unit is clinically proven, results will vary depending on several different circumstances. Like all laser and light-based hair removal technologies, the device targets the substance that produces skin and hair color, melanin.

This means treating darker hair will yield much better results than treatments applied to lighter hair colors. The hair removal device will work on all hair colors, but light blond or white hairs will require more treatments than darker hair colors.

In addition to this, the amount of hair present will also impact your results significantly. Longer, thicker hair will need to be treated multiple times, but shaving before treatments will make them much more effective. It’s not a good idea to shave anywhere that your normally wouldn’t, but shaving before treatment reduces the penetration needed for optimal results.

Lightly colored facial hair or body hair may require repeat treatments, but shaving these areas won’t improve your results much. Since the device targets melanin, lightly colored thin hairs will always require more treatments for complete hair removal.

Safe Home Hair Removal And Skin Tone

The device is much gentler and safer than professional alternatives, but darker skinned individuals have a greater concern for safety. Since laser hair removal targets melanin pigment directly, darker skin means a greater potential for skin and tissue damage.

It is recommended that every home hair removal user tests a small area of their skin before performing a full treatment. Although lighter skinned individuals have very little concern, those with darker skin tones or tans should always test a small area of their body before beginning regular use.

The device is limited based on hair and skin pigment, but it does feature technology to detect each users skin tone and act accordingly. This feature works well within a variety of different skin pigments, but those with very dark skin should still perform an area test as a precaution. The darker your skin is, the higher the risk is for using laser and light-based hair removal of any kind.

Overall Response of Home Pulse Light Users

The unit has received numerous user testimonials and reviews with impressive hair removal results. Under ideal conditions like the ones previously described, users have reported substantial body hair reduction in as little as one treatment.

According to product recommendations, 5 to 6 treatments are needed to complete the hair removal process on any body area. A large number of users see complete hair removal in one to three treatments on legs, arms and underarms. Since women’s facial hair is typically light and thin, this area will often require the recommended number of treatments for complete hair removal.

The time it takes for hair to grow back varies among different users. The results should be semi permanent once treatment is completed. Many users have stated that returning hair is only slightly rooted and can be pulled out of the follicle without force. Unlike electrolysis that completely removes your hair follicle, this device will require repeat use due to it’s safer power output.

Despite it’s lower power, this unit does live up to its home hair removal claims. At a price of $300 with payment options and a risk free trial available, anyone can try it for themselves without committing to a final purchase. If you’re looking for an FDA cleared, cost effective solution to home hair removal, this is the top alternative currently available.

Risk free trial from official site

With the features and functionality needed most by women today, the unit delivers safety, convenience and above all, lasting results for do-it-yourself hair removal. The Silk’n Flash and Go will bring clinically proven hair removal technology to the privacy of your home.

If you have a very dark skin tone or tan, this may not be the hair removal solution for you. For many skin colors however, this is the perfect solution for removing unwanted hair without having to visit a specialist.

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