Wraptastic Dispenser Review

by Virtual Exhibit on January 17, 2013

Tired of cutting your fingers on that sharp metal edge when grabbing some aluminum foil?  How about that tangled mess of plastic wrap when you just wanted to cover the potato salad?  Do I sound like an As Seen on TV infomercial?  Maybe it’s because I’m totally jazzed about the latest product to hit the market!

Drumroll please….  It’s Wraptastic!

Now, I’ll admit, I’m not so thrilled with the usual product promoted by late night infomercials.  In fact, I’m known to make fun of them.  The way they make the “bad” experience black and white, compared with the happy faces of people having a full-color, wonderful experience when using GripGo or Wipe New or Miracle-Whatever.  The way they usually have a spokesperson obnoxiously speaking, or should I say yelling, about the latest gimmick.

Unfortunately, the infomercial for Wraptastic is no better.  It uses the same gimmick-y, sales pitch-style advertising.  That said, I’m still pretty darn excited about it!

I have just had way too many run-ins with exactly the black-and-white experience they show people having – plastic wrap that gets all stuck together when I pull it, foil that tears, cutting my fingers while trying to rip off some wax paper.   And yes, this actually does look like a solution!  Finally!

That’s Nice, But What Are You Talking About?

Well, in case you haven’t seen the aforementioned infomercial, let me explain.  It’s called Wraptastic and it’s this genius little contraption that allows you to cleanly and neatly pull out the desired amount of “wrap” (whether it’s plastic, foil, wax, parchment, etc.) and simply push down for a nice, clean cut edge.

It has rubber feet, to keep it from sliding (this is a huge deal to us moms who have to do things with one hand while balancing a baby on the hip), its sharp edge is hidden up in the plastic to keep you safe (this is also a huge deal to us moms who have little ones that cut themselves when they get into the wraps), and it’s dishwasher safe (did I mention this being a huge deal to us moms who have more dishes to wash than we can possibly keep track of?!).  ‘Nuff said.  I’m sold.

So, on top of the fact that it’s amazing, they also send you two for the price of one, and they send them already filled.  I’m all for that.  Saving me an extra trip to the grocery store?  I think so.


Sounds Amazing!  How Much Money?

Fear not!  This is not like a “make a $30 payment for the next twelve months” product.  $10.99 will buy two of these.  Heck, make the usual $30 payment once and you’ll end up with six!  Don’t need six?  Give one to the busy mom next door.  She’ll thank you, I guarantee it.

Really, if you think about it, you’re practically saving money.  By the time you head to the store for some Reynolds wrap, you’re spending money on gas, money on wrap, and money on a useless cardboard container that you’ll just throw away when you no longer need it.  This way, you get the container as well as the wrap plus a little sanity on the side.

Here’s another thing I can’t wait to use this for:  Christmas gifts!  This year I must have made a million loaves of zucchini bread, wrapped in foil with a pretty red grosgrain ribbon tied around the middle.  The problem was the dumb foil!  I can’t tell you how frustrated I was trying to get it to tear just right so it would wrap nicely.  No longer!  Next year’s loaves will rival Martha Stewart’s!

dispensersHow about using foil for pie shields?  If you bake at all, you probably know what I’m talking about.  You pull out a square, fold it into a quarter, then cut a circular shape to create a pie crust shield.  I can’t tell  you how many pieces of foil I’ve wasted by botching this process.

We also make, slice, and wrap our own bacon.  Trying to pull the plastic wrap out with bacon-grease covered hands gets old really fast.  With this nifty gadget, I can pull with the greasy hand and use my elbow to push down the cutter.  Problem solved!

If you’re still reading this, you really should stop and go order yourself some Wraptastic.  What else can I say to convince you?  Well, I did forget to mention that it fits in a drawer.  And that it’s spring-loaded for easy changing of rolls of wrap.   Oh, and it’s amazing.

Don’t let the loud man on the infomercial scare you away.  Save your fingers.  Save your blood pressure.  Stop living in that black and white existence where problems arise at every  turn.  Just do it, do it now.  You too can live in a Technicolor world with the rest of us and our Wraptastics.


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