TopStyler Ceramic Styling Shells Review

by Virtual Exhibit on December 28, 2012

TopStyler by Instyler is being called a revolutionary way to style and curl hair. Both professionals and laymen are talking about how its unique clamping and low heating system has changed the way they approach styling. It transforms hair without damaging it, the way curlers that use strong heat might. It even has an auto shut off so there’s never a danger of overheating.

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This would be a great gift for the woman in your life that’s dealing with hot iron curlers and hot rollers that have the potential to burn the scalp and damage follicles. Help them stop dealing with instruments and sprays for curls that don’t hold up. It does require a little patience and perseverance to master, but in the end, the results will be promising, long lasting and save a tremendous amount of time.

How it Works

topstylerimageWhen you order you get a DVD that details how to properly use it. It also provides tips and techniques for the best way to get the results you want. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll realize how much potential the product has and why so many have embraced it.

Its secret is its patented ceramic tourmaline C-shells. They surround the hair gently and generate a gentle even flow of heat along the length of the hair. Another critical factor in the product’s success is the use of minimized heat. Standard curling irons can get too hot. That intense heat, especially over the long term, causes unwanted breakage, damage and split ends. Plus there’s the frustration of dealing with one curl at a time.

The multiple C-shells heating system eliminates all the hassle of regular irons. Not only does the product use minimum heat, it also cools down while the hair is still set in the C-shells. This gradual cooling inside the chamber allows the curl to stay in place longer, unlike other methods where the curl can weaken the moment the hot hair is exposed to cool hair. In fact, the curls and volume created through the TopStyler last no less than 3x longer than comparable hair tools.

Expect wondrous results with no damage to your hair. Utilizing the C-shell system, transform your hair in warming cocoons without extreme and threatening heat and achieve smooth, lustrous results.


Even those that claim it may be a little expensive have boasted about the results and being glad to have made the purchase. Right now the TopStyler can be picked up for $99 at the official website. Sears has it as high as $116.99.

TopStyler Explained and Demonstrated

Product Features

  • Rapid heat-up
  • Uses optimal heat for maximum results without overheating
  • Ceramic heating components
  • Heated ceramic styling C-shells
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Power indicator light
  • Single button operation
  • LED indicator light
  • Ready indicator light
  • Storage compartment
  • Zip-up travel case


  • Other products are aluminum or plastic with ceramic paint. The C-shell is solid ceramic, making it far more heat efficient. This results in longer lasting curls in less time.
  • The revolutionary styling tool creates curls that last 3x longer than a curling iron without any hair damage.
  • Unlike hot rollers and round curling irons, it employs a simple finger curl technique that creates natural looking curls and waves that can be formed into a stunning array of shapes and sizes.
  • No more multiple tools. Fingers replace rollers.
  • Hair burns at 250° F. Unfortunately, most curling products use anywhere between 380° to 440° F, far more than what’s actually needed and promising the threat of hair damage. The TopStyler never goes above 200° F. Burning hair is not a requirement for setting hair. A lower temperature allows the curl to naturally set.
  • Curling irons wrap from the ends. Only the ends receive heat. This tool wraps at the base, infusing hair with a gentle, uniform heat over the length of the hair, setting the style.

System Parts

The complete package comes with:

  • 10 large styling C-shells
  • 5 medium-size styling C-shells
  • Two 4-in-1 Styling wands
  • Instruction manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Sleek storage case


Anonymous: “Overall, it’s a little pricy, but I haven’t touched my flat iron since I got it! Practice, practice, practice, and you’ll find it worth your while.” (1)

Carolyn Morris: “I purchased this product about 1 month ago and use it 5 days a week. Love the product, easy to use and curl lasts all day. So happy I invested in this product.” (2)

Daisyeyes:  “I am so impressed with the TopStyler system! They take a little practice, as others have said, but this is the best way to get beautiful, lasting curls. I’ve tried it all: flat iron curls, curling irons, curling wands, fancy blowdryers and round brushes, wet sets, velcro rollers, hot rollers, rag curls, paper bag curls, sock buns, headband curls, twirly hot air brush. I mean I tried it all. TopStyler is my go-to for great curls and no frizz.” (3)


Surprisingly simple and versatile, the TopStyler gives you the opportunity to change the way you curl your hair with a better, safer method. Thanks to the patented ceramic tourmaline C-shells, there’s longer lasting curl performance, no more need for rollers and irons and less risk of damage to follicles thanks to the unit’s use of low heat.

Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll have the opportunity to have fun, playing with styles, textures and lengths. This is a promising and exciting new way to style hair, promising attractive, sexy curls with great body and volume. Spend just five to twenty minutes a day preparing a style that will last 3x longer than other hair care products.

Stop frying your hair! Start getting beautiful, fast results without damage. Achieve soft, silky, natural curls and waves. Take advantage of the possibilities and it today.

Visit the official site here.

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