Tapout XT Review, Does this MMA Workout Really Work?

by Virtual Exhibit on August 7, 2012

Tapout XT may be what you are looking for, if you want to turn your body into a work of art. Working on a tight, toned body is a goal for lots of exercise enthusiasts, and the industry is filled with supplements, health clubs and at-home workout DVDs. Workout DVDs are more popular than ever, and some programs are designed to take place at home. Many health clubs have their own type of intense group exercise sessions that are offered on a regular basis. The different routines include their own unique workouts, and many programs are designed to make use of natural body resistance.

Training Options
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has taken the entertainment world by storm. The athletes who compete in the competitions have six pack abs and impressive physiques. Achieving the look of these dedicated professionals is the stated goal of many exercise programs, and the workout industry is filled with DVDs and work outs that promise stunning results with little or no effort.

Achieving an Impressive Physique with Workout DVDs
Fitness DVDs are designed to motivate and inspire an intense workout session, and the industry is filled with an endless array of different products. Exercise programs that come with their own recorded workouts are one option. Many DVDs require expensive gym equipment, and the majority of workouts are actually designed for a health club instead of the home. On the other hand, a number of new workout programs are designed for home use and require little in the way of specialized gym gear.

Reaching Weight Loss Goals

Working out is a life goal for many people, and diet and exercise are not enough to achieve a lean, toned appearance. In addition, time is a huge factor these days, and finding a few hours to spend in the gym prevents many people from working out. Exercising at home is a priority, but most DVD programs require expensive equipment that is bulky and takes up too much room in the home.

Tapout XT consists of a dozen DVDs with moves that are perfect for home. Because there is no expensive equipment to buy, the discs are an ideal way to lose weight and improve overall conditioning at home. Here’s whats on each DVD.

  1. Strength & Force Upper
  2. Plyo XT
  3. Cross Core Combat
  4. Competition Core
  5. Buns & Guns XT
  6. Yoga XT
  7. Sprawl & Brawl
  8. Muay Thai
  9. Ripped Conditioning
  10. Ultimate Abs XT
  11. Cardio XT
  12. Legs & Back

The details and length of each workout are laid out on the official site. With 12 different workouts each lasting around 45 minutes you won’t have to worry about getting board with the same routine each day.

Extreme Results from Extreme Effort
Tapout XT makes an impressive claim that is grounded in reality. The program was invented by a leading fitness expert, Mike Karpenko. He designed the Tapout XT program as a combination of cardio, strength, power and core exercises. The moves are based on traditional MMA training programs and require dedication and effort.

Karpenko readily admits that his program is not for everyone because it involves hard work and regular commitment. The Tapout XT workout is designed for exercise enthusiasts that are tired of mediocre workouts. The program is only a tool that provides results when it is wielded properly. Tapout requires 90 days of sweat and intense exertion.

One of the main differences between Tapout and some of the other exercise programs is that Karpenko does not sugar-coat the facts. The Tapout trainers do not hide the fact that their program achieves results with sweat.

Weight Loss Industry Hype
The diet and exercise industry is filled with products that promise more than they deliver. That is one of the chief differences and advantages of Karpenko’s Tapout XT series. The program makes serious promises, but Karpenko show that achieving a toned body takes a ton of commitment. Whereas most products make unsubstantiated claims, Tapout XT admits that regular exercise is essential, and the DVDs are only a tool.

The Cost
Tapout XT is comparable with many of the other leading workout programs, and several different merchants currently sell the exercise DVD. The average cost of the product is about $120. Tapout’s official site advertises the set that contains 12 DVDs, resistance bands, training bands, and fitness and nutritional guides. The program is available for three payments of $39.95 each. The program is also backed by a full-satisfaction guarantee.

Committing to Weight Loss Goals
One of the chief differences between Tapout XT and many of the other leading workout programs is that Karpenko readily admits that exercise is a lifelong commitment. That being said, the Tapout program requires 90 days of regular exercise. The good news is that the exercises are easy to perform at home and require minimal equipment. Most of the moves are inspired by MMA-style training.

The program offers to burn up to 1,200 calories during a single session that takes place over the course of 30 minutes to an hour. Because there are twelve different routines in the system, the program targets virtually every different muscle group in the body.

The Evaluation

Tapout XT is a great choice that stands apart from the competition in a number of ways. One of the best things about the exercise program is that there are no expensive dumbbells or equipment that is required. In addition, the workouts are easy to do at home and only require a spare hour at the most.

What you will find inside the program is 12 different workouts that are perfect for home use and require little in the way of specialized equipment. The different workouts do require resistance bands at some time, and they come with the complete set. Resistance training is one of the most effective forms of exercise, and the Tapout XT program provides results when the DVDs are followed regularly.

Final Tapout XT Review

Tapout XT is an incredibly popular product, and there are several fans who have commented on the results that they achieved with their commitment and hard work. The program consists of 12 different DVDs. The DVDs contain different workouts that vary in length from 30 minutes to just under an hour. In addition, the program contains resistance bands and a variety of exercise and diet information.

The system is ideal for anyone who is committed to working out and offers impressive results in 90 days. The system requires sweat, and results are obtained as the result of hard work. That being said, Tapout XT is an ideal program for exercise enthusiasts who want to tone their body into a work of art.

Visit the Tapout XT Official Site Here

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