Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review – The First of its Kind!

by Virtual Exhibit on July 6, 2012

Google has their new Smartphone out, and it’s manufactured by Samsung. This latest phone is called the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it is taking the world by storm. This Smartphone is made to show customers the power of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has enjoyed a pretty decent level of popularity since the initial installment of the Nexus series, the Nexus One.

What’s Inside the Box?

Of course, aside from the box itself, you will get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, plus some other things for the phone. You get a battery for your device, a foldable power charger for recharging it, a USB cable for data transfer, and earphones for listening  to music. You’ll also get a quick start guide and a warranty card.

Galaxy Nexus Software

One of the main roles in the manufacturing of the Google Nexus Smartphones is to demonstrate the power of the newer versions of Google’s Android operating system, and the Galaxy Nexus is no different from the previous versions. It supports the highly advanced version 4, a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich.

It offers the same level of customization and versatility that were seen on the previous Android operating systems. You can also browse for thousands and thousands of applications that are either free to download or are cheap to buy.

The phone also sports other kinds of fantastic features, such as social network integration, internet browsing, multimedia player, GPS, and many more apps that are usually included.  It definitely does not fall short in terms of functionality. It can perform at the same level, if not better, than most Android-powered phones nowadays.

Galaxy Nexus Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus provides the best of every available technology that you can, hardware-wise. It has an advance Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen technology which provides its users with a responsive and spontaneous means of navigating the Smartphone’s applications and interface.

The screen is also large and measures 4.65 inches, which makes it better than other competing Smartphones. However, the greatest feature of its screen is its 720×1280 resolution. This is great news for individuals who love to view pictures, watch movies, play games, and do internet surfing on their Smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus lacks a slot for SD cards, but this is compensated by its large internal storage; either at 16GB or 32GB. The internal storage should be enough space for all your needs .

The Galaxy Nexus is also a very capable camera phone. Though its camera is only 5 megapixels, it still offers a lot of features to make great quality pictures and even high definition videos up to 1080p. The autofocus and face detection features as well as the LED flash are also useful. It has a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera as well for taking self-portraits when making video calls with others.

The Smartphone also has decent, if not great, specs to give its users a very fast web browsing experience. Its 4G coverage will allow users to stream up to 21 megabytes per second. This puts it at the same level of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is the best phone nowadays in regard to this aspect. It can also connect to the internet through Wi-Fi connections. One other great feature is that you can use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot and provide connections to other devices such as laptops or tablets.

Ice Cream Sandwich

The Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS has a lot of fantastic features that make the Samsung Galaxy Nexus a very powerful Smartphone.

First is the updated user interface; the notification bar and menu designs have gotten a facelift. The widgets can be resized to your liking and in place of using hard buttons there are virtual buttons as well as systems bars that you can use across all apps. Also, a button for the camera can be found on the lock screen, making picture takings a bit quicker and easier.

The organization and navigation of this phone have also been improved. You can swipe left-right for page navigation. The new OS also comes with highly customizable home screens plus the feature to organize applications into folders by using a drag-drop function, something that iPhone users have touted as being unique to them.

There are also lots of extra features for the camera. There is the native panorama functionality, picture sharing with 3rd party applications, zoom-in while recording a video, photo editing tolls, picture cropping, red-eye removal, and much more.

The new keyboard of Ice Cream Sandwich is also packed with improved features. It has better spellchecker, word suggestion and error correction features.

The contact book is also getting a few revamps. In the previous versions of Android, the phonebook and calendar were somewhat lame. Now, they have a neatly laid-out column that resembles a desktop and bundles contacts together using their headings. It can get a little confusing, however, when Google+ adds its contacts to your phonebook, giving you extra contracts which makes it harder for you to find what you are looking for, although this is not a big issue.

There are many other features of this operating system, like the upgraded Google mail, which now has an edit bar for searching and offline searching, as well as visual voicemail, which is capable of assimilating messages from both the applications of the phone and 3rd party apps.

There are also many hidden Easter eggs on Ice Cream Sandwich. You just have to find them yourself. They are loads of fun and this is a very nice creation of Google.


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is really a great Smartphone, and about as up-to-date and speedy as you can get right now. Its big features like the resolution of the screen will set it apart from others and with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS, it can perform to the best of its potential.

It is currently available through Amazon Wireless for only $0.01, with a Verizon contract. Still pretty hard to beat!

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