Green Coffee Doctor Review

by Virtual Exhibit on March 8, 2013

gcdrThe Green Coffee Doctor is a supplement designed to help people achieve their weight loss goals. The supplement contains the green coffee bean, which helps to boost metabolism and assist with the weight loss process. Researchers have recently suggested unroasted coffee beans for an added boost in burning fat and shedding unwanted pounds. Researchers do not feel the caffeine in these coffee beans is what helps with this process, but instead they believe it is the chlorogenic acid in the beans that provides the benefits.

Official Green Coffee DR website.

A study was recently performed on a total of 16 individuals, all of whom were considered overweight based on their body mass index. These individuals were given the green coffee bean supplement to take on a regular basis, along with their fitness routine and healthier eating habits. The study found that these individuals lost more weight over the span of six months than those who did not take the supplement. The research backs this product up, proving it is an affordable method for losing weight in a healthy manner.

How Does Green Coffee Doctor Work?

The cholorogenic acid that is found in green coffee beans help to prevent fat from being absorbed. It also helps to speed up the metabolism so that fat can be burned off at a faster pace. The prevention of fat absorption combined with a faster metabolism equals success when it comes down to burning fat, shedding calories, and losing weight. Chlorogenic acid is an active compound that can be found in different kind of plants, including the green coffee beans. It is believed that this active compound can also increase the amount of body heat that an individual produces, which helps individuals with the process of burning off their fat.

What Is The Difference Between Roasted and Unroasted Green Coffee Beans?

The difference between the roasted and unroasted green coffee beans is that once the coffee beans have been roasted, they no longer contain the essential chlorogenic acid. Without the chlorogenic acid, individuals would not be able to lose as much weight because this is the crucial ingredient in the green coffee bean supplement. Roasting these coffee beans will not provide people with the benefits that unroasted green coffee beans can provide.

Will I Lose Weight?

The Green Coffee Doctor is a supplement used to assist with weight loss. Individuals looking to lose weight should continue to exercise and eat healthy while taking the supplement. The general idea of the supplement is to boost weight loss, especially for those who have reached a plateau with their weight loss goals.

This supplement can easily enhance the type of results achieved by someone who wants to shed a few pounds. Those who follow the dosage instructions and eat healthy while continuously exercising will likely be able to see the results of this supplement in little to no time at all. There are also no side effects that occur when taking this supplement.

Product Specifications

The Green Coffee Doctor supplement is supposed to be taken orally with water a total of 30 minutes prior to eating a meal. The main ingredient in the supplement is the Green Coffee Bean Extract, with a total of 800 mg per capsule. Caffeine is also an ingredient in the capsule. All ingredients are natural and organic and there are no artificial fillers added.

Real Customer Feedback

The Green Coffee Doctor has received stellar ratings and reviews from customers who have tried the product and have benefited from it. Doctor Oz has even called green coffee bean supplements a miracle for those who want to burn fat fast. Several women and men have left personal reviews stating that they had been able to lose fat and inches from their waist.

A Breakdown of the Benefits

There are several important benefits that are associated with the Green Coffee Doctor. Those benefits include:
• Fat Burning
• Energy Boosting
• Weight Management
• Weight Loss

In the world of nutrition, green coffee beans have become the main discussion. Excitement is being shared over this weight loss opportunity. There are a number of reasons to give the Green Coffee Doctor a try. These are just a few of the main reasons:

• The results are achieved quickly. Individuals who start taking the supplement regularly before meals tend to start seeing the results shortly thereafter.
• There is no prescription necessary for the supplement which means not having to deal with the hassle of getting a prescription from a physician or even having to go to the doctor’s office in the first place.
• Both men and women can benefit from the supplement. This supplement is not discriminatory when it comes to weight loss.
• It is affordable and effective. People are actually able to lose weight without spending a fortune on products that do not work.

Those looking to lose weight in a fast and efficient manner should eat right and exercise regularly. While not a replacement for the affor-mentioned work, Green Coffee Doctor has been shown to help many people remain healthy while also trimming down on the excess fat.

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Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed Review

by Virtual Exhibit on February 10, 2013

Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed is a grass seed mixture that promises to produce a lush, beautiful green lawn all year round and in any climate. It also promises to crowd out weeds and resist insects. Canada Green is said to produce these amazing results with little or no maintenance. Other claims are that the grass will begin to grow within just a few days. The end result will be a beautifully thick, plush, carpet-like lawn that will even be able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Get Canada Green here

These are very high claims, but are they true? Does Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed perform as well as promised? We will soon find out what actual customers have to say about how this product performs. First of all though, we will tell you more about the Canada Perfect Grass Seed mixture itself.

What is in Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed?

canadagreenbagThe types of grasses and all other ingredients in Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed are:

  • 42% red fescue grass
  • 30% Kentucky bluegrass
  • 25% annual ryegrass
  • 2.5% inert matter
  • 0.5% weed and other grass seeds

How Do the Ingredients in Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed Work?

Red fescue grass is a fine, cool weather-resistant grass. Its spreading rhizomes cause it to creep across the lawn and fill it in. Although this grass does best in cool, shady areas, it can thrive in full sun, so long as it is lightly watered at times. It is best not to use too much water as this grass does not tolerate wet, soggy conditions or highly fertilized soils. It can tolerate drought conditions very well. Its soft, fine, but full blades make it ideal to be used as turf grass.

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the most popular grasses for lawns and is often mixed with other grasses. This grass does well in full sun but does not respond well too very high levels of heat. It is essential to water Kentucky bluegrass in the hot summer months or it will not thrive. Its spreading rhizomes can help to repair its own damaged leaves and the grass produces a thick, lush turf. Kentucky bluegrass is only moderately drought resistant but its performance is improved when mixed with other grasses such as rye.

Annual Ryegrass is a fast-growing ground cover that can be used alone, or mixed with other types of grasses. Since it is an annual grass that may need to be replanted every year, it makes a good temporary cover. Annual Ryegrass germinates quickly, so the lawn can still look lush and lovely while waiting for the other grasses to come in.

The small amount of inert matter and other grass and weed seeds act as fertilizer and filler for all the grasses in the Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed. Some of these may also aid in making the lawn insect-resistant.

So Is Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed All That?

Many people have used Canada Green and have had very positive results. However, there have also been many people who have had not so positive results. Yes, mixed in with the glowing reviews were reviews that did anything but glow. Well that’s true for just about everything. Some will like it and some will not. Here are some of the positives, as well as the negatives that have been said about Canada Green.

Some customers have said that their Canada Green lawn looked the best in their neighborhood. They get nothing but compliments from other neighbors and even people who just happen to be walking by. Their lawns are the envy of the neighborhood.

Some have reported that while shoveling their snow-filled lawn, they were surprised to find beautiful green grass right under the snow! These delighted customers say that this is the hardiest grass that they have ever seen. These are from reports that their lawns stayed green and lush all year round. Since Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed promises to withstand temperatures from 40 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, these reports add credence to that claim.

Canada Green Perfect Grass seed on Amazon.

One of the positive reports that was repeated most often was how fast the lawn would grow. Some reported that in as little as seven days, they had a good lawn. Since Canada Green claims that you can get a full plush lawn within less than 10 days, that claim seems to be true in many cases.

canadagreenSome people reported that the lush grass felt good under bear feet and that it was very durable and still looked good even after having many people run across it. Canada Green claims that their grass is very resilient to foot traffic so this is another claim that seems to be true.

So far, so good. The Canada Green Perfect Grass seed review seems to be everything it says it is to many people. However, there are always cases where some things just do not go right. Here are some of the reviews of those who did not like Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed.

There have been reports that the grass looked beautiful for only a short time, but died quickly. They claim that their lush green lawns became dull brown hay.

The reasons for this could be that they waited until summer to plant the grass, or it could be that the lawn was not watered when needed. The best time to plant is in early fall. If the weather is too hot, you must water your grass.

Other customers complained that their lawns were sparse and spotty. The solution to that would be to over-seed to insure a full lawn.

The Bottom Line

Canada Green Perfect Grass Seed is a good product which can produce a lawn with stunning results. When the results are unsatisfactory, it could be due to a couple of things. It could be due to one of the above reasons, or maybe the climate is just not right.

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Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Remover Review

by Virtual Exhibit on February 1, 2013

If you’re in search of a gentle and highly functional alternative to costly hair removal treatments, the Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Remover was designed to deliver spa quality hair removal at home or during travel.

Visit the official site here.

Affordable Laser Hair Removal Whenever You Need It

flash n go productThe type of hair removal provided by this device is usually very costly and requires an appointment at a spa or clinic. Depending on the areas of the body being treated, professional hair removal can cost well over $2000.

The Flash n Go offers functionality and convenience at a much more affordable price. There aren’t any appointments to make or schedules to keep. The device gives users the freedom and flexibility to remove body and facial hair when it’s needed the most.

Clinically Proven Hair Removal Technology In Your Hands

The Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Remover uses clinically proven hair removal technology that has been used in the industry for over 5 years. This light-based hair removal works by sending light and acoustic energy deep within the hair follicle.

This energy is absorbed by the hair and stops its growth process during treatment. The hair follicle continues to absorb this energy while the skin remains at its normal temperature. This energy absorption and difference between tissue and hair temperature removes hair very effectively.

Although this type of treatment was once only administered by physicians and professional salons, you can put the same technology used in the industry in your very own hands.

The device isn’t as powerful as the ones used by spas and doctors, but uses Home Pulsed Light to permanently reduce and remove hair virtually anywhere.By using much less power than conventional laser hair removal devices, the unit has been cleared by the FDA for safety and home use.

Using The Silk’n Flash and Go For Home Hair Removal

The device has 5 settings for intensity and comes with two lamp cartridges and a DVD to help you learn best practices for home hair removal. The cartridges cost $49 each, but each one will give you 1000 light flashes during treatments.

Although the unit is clinically proven, results will vary depending on several different circumstances. Like all laser and light-based hair removal technologies, the device targets the substance that produces skin and hair color, melanin.

This means treating darker hair will yield much better results than treatments applied to lighter hair colors. The hair removal device will work on all hair colors, but light blond or white hairs will require more treatments than darker hair colors.

In addition to this, the amount of hair present will also impact your results significantly. Longer, thicker hair will need to be treated multiple times, but shaving before treatments will make them much more effective. It’s not a good idea to shave anywhere that your normally wouldn’t, but shaving before treatment reduces the penetration needed for optimal results.

Lightly colored facial hair or body hair may require repeat treatments, but shaving these areas won’t improve your results much. Since the device targets melanin, lightly colored thin hairs will always require more treatments for complete hair removal.

Safe Home Hair Removal And Skin Tone

The device is much gentler and safer than professional alternatives, but darker skinned individuals have a greater concern for safety. Since laser hair removal targets melanin pigment directly, darker skin means a greater potential for skin and tissue damage.

It is recommended that every home hair removal user tests a small area of their skin before performing a full treatment. Although lighter skinned individuals have very little concern, those with darker skin tones or tans should always test a small area of their body before beginning regular use.

The device is limited based on hair and skin pigment, but it does feature technology to detect each users skin tone and act accordingly. This feature works well within a variety of different skin pigments, but those with very dark skin should still perform an area test as a precaution. The darker your skin is, the higher the risk is for using laser and light-based hair removal of any kind.

Overall Response of Home Pulse Light Users

The unit has received numerous user testimonials and reviews with impressive hair removal results. Under ideal conditions like the ones previously described, users have reported substantial body hair reduction in as little as one treatment.

According to product recommendations, 5 to 6 treatments are needed to complete the hair removal process on any body area. A large number of users see complete hair removal in one to three treatments on legs, arms and underarms. Since women’s facial hair is typically light and thin, this area will often require the recommended number of treatments for complete hair removal.

The time it takes for hair to grow back varies among different users. The results should be semi permanent once treatment is completed. Many users have stated that returning hair is only slightly rooted and can be pulled out of the follicle without force. Unlike electrolysis that completely removes your hair follicle, this device will require repeat use due to it’s safer power output.

Despite it’s lower power, this unit does live up to its home hair removal claims. At a price of $300 with payment options and a risk free trial available, anyone can try it for themselves without committing to a final purchase. If you’re looking for an FDA cleared, cost effective solution to home hair removal, this is the top alternative currently available.

Risk free trial from official site

With the features and functionality needed most by women today, the unit delivers safety, convenience and above all, lasting results for do-it-yourself hair removal. The Silk’n Flash and Go will bring clinically proven hair removal technology to the privacy of your home.

If you have a very dark skin tone or tan, this may not be the hair removal solution for you. For many skin colors however, this is the perfect solution for removing unwanted hair without having to visit a specialist.

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Hostgator Web Hosting Review

by Virtual Exhibit on January 22, 2013

If you spend much time on the Internet you won’t have to look long to before you run into ads for Hostgator. With a promise of “Now 20% Off,” and hosting packages starting at $3.96 per month, which is anywhere from one to three dollars a month less than other hosts, and they offer the same or better features.

Let’s look a little more closely at whats included. To save 25% now use coupon code VE25OFF2013 at checkout HERE.

For starters they offer “unlimited” disk space and “unlimited” bandwidth, 4,500 free website templates, a 99.9% up-time guarantee, a 45-day money back guarantee, 24/7/365 technical support, and a $100 Google Adwords credit. If you’re creating a new website, they even offer a free site builder. If you’re coming from another host, all of your file, domain, database and script transfers are included.


hostgatorlogoThere are thousands of budget hosts on the Internet, and many of them offer the exact same features, because they buy their hosting service from the exact same company. The big differentiators between hosts is service, and price comes into play even though the difference is usually only a couple of dollars a month between any two hosts.

What They Offer

HostGator, like most hosting companies, offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and 99.9% uptime. They also give you a free site builder, 1-click script installs, 4,500 free website templates, a 45-day money back guarantee, 24/7/365 technical support and a $100 Google Adwords credit. The main drawback is that this hosting package really only allows for 1 website.

For people with more robust needs there are also reseller, VPS and dedicated server options. These options offer more powerful servers and better multi-site management features but do come with bandwidth limits.

The Real Story

Let’s look at HostGator’s Terms of Service about that bandwidth and disk space thing. While HostGator does not limit disk space or delete accounts for using too much disk space, they clearly state that “any shared account” which uses more than 20 gigabytes of space will be removed from the off-site backup, which is made every week.

They will continue to back up databases, but if you use more of your “unlimited” disk space than they want you to, they won’t back up your website anymore. They will mirror the data to a secondary drive, which means that if a drive fails you probably won’t lose your data, but if you want a backup you’ll have to make it yourself if you get too greedy with your unlimited disk space.

There are also limitations on how much load you put on the shared server, for instance you may not use more than 25% of your servers resources for any longer than 90 seconds. Also there are limits on how many and how often SQL queries are made. The good news is, if this is all Greek to you its not a limit you will ever hit.

The 99.9% uptime guarantee is for real, right? Well, it sort of is. First off, the downtime has to be “physical downtime” on the server. If this happens, you’ll receive a credit for one month’s hosting. If the credit is approved, which is totally at their discretion. I personally have used their services for years and never had an outage to my knowledge.

Well, what about the 45-day money back guarantee? Is that good? Yes, that guarantee appears to be on the level.

Now let’s look at that 24/7/365 support. I can say from personal experience that they are great about being there when you need them. Whenever I have had an issue they have been there both on their live chat and actual human phone support.

The free site-builder, one-click script installs and 4,500 website templates are also available. Depending on what you plan on doing this may not be something that you use. I never have.

You should be aware that when they offer free transfers of scripts, databases, domains and files from your existing server, what they mean is that they will try, but if your existing server is not configured correctly, or the way they expect, they may not be able to complete the transfer. When they did my transfer of multiple sites everything went smoothly.

For many people, the $100 Google Adwords credit is a big lure, but is it really that big a deal? To be honest, it’s not. A quick search on Google will lead you to a page on Google’s website where you can obtain the same credit for free with no purchase required. But if you need hosting anyway you may as well take advantage of it.

The Cost

HostGator’s pricing is a bit deceptive. That $3.96 per month applies only if you pay in advance for three years, with only a 45-day money back guarantee. If you pay for one month at a time or six months, you pay $7.16 per month, not $3.96. 12 month and 24 month prices are respectively less, but to get the big deal you must fork over $142.56, and you must make your decision for the next three years within 45 days. If you leave after 45 days you will not receive a refund.

It is not unreasonable to suppose that you would stay with a web host for three years, if their quality and service remains consistent. It is reasonable to suppose that over the course of three years you might become dissatisfied with a service that you liked perfectly well on the 45th day. My personal experience which is now going on 3 years has been great.

Committing that kind of money to save three dollars or so a month may not make sense for a lot of people. When you think about it…its nearly half price though.

That said, at $7.16 per month they still offer good value. On top of that you can save 25% using coupon code VE25OFF2013 at checkout .


The low price for a long-term commitment is typical in the hosting industry, and not a sign of deliberate deception or malfeasance. Most people will prefer to not pay for three years in advance. For those people the regular pricing is quite reasonable.

Most hosting companies offer basically the same features as including the limitations on “unlimited resources”.

The support is the best I have ever dealt with. Also the site builder and templates are helpful to those new to having their own website and planning on building it themselves.

The offer of free transfers from the old server is a good reason to choose Hostgator, and in nearly all cases they will successfully complete the transfer.

The bottom line is that there are thousands of web hosts out there, and HostGator is the best known because they offer reasonable prices on good features, with excellent support. They host this site and have been my #1 choice for several years.

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Wraptastic Dispenser Review

by Virtual Exhibit on January 17, 2013

Tired of cutting your fingers on that sharp metal edge when grabbing some aluminum foil?  How about that tangled mess of plastic wrap when you just wanted to cover the potato salad?  Do I sound like an As Seen on TV infomercial?  Maybe it’s because I’m totally jazzed about the latest product to hit the market!

Drumroll please….  It’s Wraptastic!

Now, I’ll admit, I’m not so thrilled with the usual product promoted by late night infomercials.  In fact, I’m known to make fun of them.  The way they make the “bad” experience black and white, compared with the happy faces of people having a full-color, wonderful experience when using GripGo or Wipe New or Miracle-Whatever.  The way they usually have a spokesperson obnoxiously speaking, or should I say yelling, about the latest gimmick.

Unfortunately, the infomercial for Wraptastic is no better.  It uses the same gimmick-y, sales pitch-style advertising.  That said, I’m still pretty darn excited about it!

I have just had way too many run-ins with exactly the black-and-white experience they show people having – plastic wrap that gets all stuck together when I pull it, foil that tears, cutting my fingers while trying to rip off some wax paper.   And yes, this actually does look like a solution!  Finally!

That’s Nice, But What Are You Talking About?

Well, in case you haven’t seen the aforementioned infomercial, let me explain.  It’s called Wraptastic and it’s this genius little contraption that allows you to cleanly and neatly pull out the desired amount of “wrap” (whether it’s plastic, foil, wax, parchment, etc.) and simply push down for a nice, clean cut edge.

It has rubber feet, to keep it from sliding (this is a huge deal to us moms who have to do things with one hand while balancing a baby on the hip), its sharp edge is hidden up in the plastic to keep you safe (this is also a huge deal to us moms who have little ones that cut themselves when they get into the wraps), and it’s dishwasher safe (did I mention this being a huge deal to us moms who have more dishes to wash than we can possibly keep track of?!).  ‘Nuff said.  I’m sold.

So, on top of the fact that it’s amazing, they also send you two for the price of one, and they send them already filled.  I’m all for that.  Saving me an extra trip to the grocery store?  I think so.


Sounds Amazing!  How Much Money?

Fear not!  This is not like a “make a $30 payment for the next twelve months” product.  $10.99 will buy two of these.  Heck, make the usual $30 payment once and you’ll end up with six!  Don’t need six?  Give one to the busy mom next door.  She’ll thank you, I guarantee it.

Really, if you think about it, you’re practically saving money.  By the time you head to the store for some Reynolds wrap, you’re spending money on gas, money on wrap, and money on a useless cardboard container that you’ll just throw away when you no longer need it.  This way, you get the container as well as the wrap plus a little sanity on the side.

Here’s another thing I can’t wait to use this for:  Christmas gifts!  This year I must have made a million loaves of zucchini bread, wrapped in foil with a pretty red grosgrain ribbon tied around the middle.  The problem was the dumb foil!  I can’t tell you how frustrated I was trying to get it to tear just right so it would wrap nicely.  No longer!  Next year’s loaves will rival Martha Stewart’s!

dispensersHow about using foil for pie shields?  If you bake at all, you probably know what I’m talking about.  You pull out a square, fold it into a quarter, then cut a circular shape to create a pie crust shield.  I can’t tell  you how many pieces of foil I’ve wasted by botching this process.

We also make, slice, and wrap our own bacon.  Trying to pull the plastic wrap out with bacon-grease covered hands gets old really fast.  With this nifty gadget, I can pull with the greasy hand and use my elbow to push down the cutter.  Problem solved!

If you’re still reading this, you really should stop and go order yourself some Wraptastic.  What else can I say to convince you?  Well, I did forget to mention that it fits in a drawer.  And that it’s spring-loaded for easy changing of rolls of wrap.   Oh, and it’s amazing.

Don’t let the loud man on the infomercial scare you away.  Save your fingers.  Save your blood pressure.  Stop living in that black and white existence where problems arise at every  turn.  Just do it, do it now.  You too can live in a Technicolor world with the rest of us and our Wraptastics.


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Hot Booties Foot Warmer Review

by Virtual Exhibit on January 11, 2013

Just in time for the cold winter months, a cozy new solution to numb, frozen toes and aching feet has appeared!  Despite their unfortunate name (which leads one to an entirely different conclusion about what the product is), Hot Booties promise lasting warmth and comfort for frigid feet.

Hot Booties Official Website

So what are they?  They’re simply microwavable slippers. Pop them into you microwave for 60 seconds and when they come out, they will radiate “moist” heat for up to 60 minutes. But do they really last that long? And how much heat do they actually give off?


No one likes to suffer from ice cold toes while they’re waiting for spring. These large, fuzzy, microwaveable slippers offer a solution.

Hot Booties come in pink women’s sizes (available in small/medium and large) and blue men’s sizes (available in medium and large). Each pair comes with a bag to place over the slippers before you nuke them in the microwave for lasting foot warmth.

How do they heat your feet? The sole of each of the foot warmer is filled with linseed. Linseed naturally retains and then slowly releases heat over time.

The concept is similar to a rice pack, which many people use to heat and relax their lower back or sore muscles.

The Claim

Hot booties claim to be “much, much more” than your average slipper. If you aren’t afraid to put yours in the microwave, they will give you 60 minutes of “moist heat” after just 60 seconds of heat.

The booties are also supposed to provide a foot massage when you stand and move your feet. This massaging action will improve blood circulation while warming up your toes.

It’s also suggested that they’re especially helpful for those with tired and achy feet. The therapeutic heat claims to relieve tension, soothe sore muscles and rejuvenate feet at the end of the day.

The Truth

hotbootiepicFor the most part the claims are true, if a bit exaggerated. Heat for 60 seconds and they will heat your feet for up to 60 minutes. They are great foot warmers for an evening spent in bed, on a lounge chair or couch.

But while they do warm your feet, they are only suitable to do so while you’re feet are up. That’s why all of the actors in the infomercial are sitting down. Try to walk on them and they will not last long. That’s because they are filled with small seeds that absorb heat. Don’t make a habit of walking on them and they will be fine.

These foot warmers also live up to some of their therapeutic claims. People with chronically cold and achy feet find that these are one of the few foot coverings they’ve been able to find that provide lasting warmth.

Women, who tend to feel cold more easily than men, seem to find these slippers beneficial.  If you are a woman who is seated most of the day and struggles with losing feeling in your toes or feet, it may be worth trying a pair of Hot Booties.

However, we could not find any evidence of active massaging when you wiggle your feet inside the bootie. The slipper’s sole is composed of linseed which is bumpy and does feel nice against the sole of your foot. But to call the feeling a therapeutic massage is a stretch at best.

The Cost

A pair of Hot Booties (the Bootie Bag is included) will run you $14.99 + $7.95 shipping and handling. But “call now” and you can get a second pair and another Bootie Bag for a second $7.95 shipping and handling fee. Shipments outside the continental US will incur an additional $5.00 shipping and handling charge.

This isn’t a bad price for a pair of heated booties. But keep in mind that these really aren’t the “world’s first” microwavable bootie as the infomercial claims. There are several other brands of heat-able slippers that warm your feet. Some of those booties can be had for slightly but not significantly less.

The Commitment

As long as you don’t attempt to walk much on your Hot Booties – they should last quite some time. There are reports, however that the linseed in the soles dries out over an extended period of time.  As with any seed or rice-filled pack, this is to be expected.  Since the price is not ridiculous, this issue doesn’t seem to be much of a consideration.

linseed_flaxseedAs the linseed dries out, there will be less of the humidity that some users buy the booties for. The moisture level does not seem to impact the linseed’s heat retaining ability. Also some users have had success with placing a moist towel or washcloth in the microwave at the same time as the slippers.

There are reports that people who microwaved older Hot Booties for longer than the recommended 60 seconds managed to set the soles of their Hot Booties on fire. Follow the directions and you will be fine.

Hot Booties Review

The reviews on the slippers are mixed. But the varying reviews seem to depend heavily on the users’ taste.

Several people were dissatisfied because they did not know that they were not supposed to walk on them. Those that used them simply to relax in a lounge chair were very pleased with the soothing warmth of the booties.

Some who bought them also did not like the “moist” heat that they give off. They are quite moist when they come out of the microwave the first few times the linseed is heated.

Others don’t think that they get quite warm enough. However, we don’t have an actual measurement of their heat in degrees so it’s hard to tell what “hot enough” is to some people. There are plenty of customer reviews that suggest that Hot Booties are more than warm enough and that that warmth lasts for quite some time.

Men and women with very large feet should look elsewhere for warmth. Small/Medium corresponds to women’s sizes 6-8. Large women’s sizes correspond to 9-11. Men’s medium sizes, however are 10-11. Men’s large sizes range from 12-13 but stop there. There are also reports that the sizes run a little small.

Our Recommendation

If warm feet in a cold room sounds like the best possible ending to a long day, then Hot Booties may be right up your alley. Customers who suffer from chronically cold or aching feet seem to really enjoy the radiating warmth that they provide.

Remember not to walk much on them and you should be fine. And if you have second thoughts, Hot Booties come with a 60 day money-back guarantee if you buy them directly from the manufacturer.

However, if you want booties that you can putter around the house in, another pair of microwaveable booties might be for you. Hot Sox, Toasty Feet and Carex all have microwaveable slippers that are better for putting your weight on.

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TopStyler Ceramic Styling Shells Review

by Virtual Exhibit on December 28, 2012

TopStyler by Instyler is being called a revolutionary way to style and curl hair. Both professionals and laymen are talking about how its unique clamping and low heating system has changed the way they approach styling. It transforms hair without damaging it, the way curlers that use strong heat might. It even has an auto shut off so there’s never a danger of overheating.

The TopStyler official site offer is available here.


This would be a great gift for the woman in your life that’s dealing with hot iron curlers and hot rollers that have the potential to burn the scalp and damage follicles. Help them stop dealing with instruments and sprays for curls that don’t hold up. It does require a little patience and perseverance to master, but in the end, the results will be promising, long lasting and save a tremendous amount of time.

How it Works

topstylerimageWhen you order you get a DVD that details how to properly use it. It also provides tips and techniques for the best way to get the results you want. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll realize how much potential the product has and why so many have embraced it.

Its secret is its patented ceramic tourmaline C-shells. They surround the hair gently and generate a gentle even flow of heat along the length of the hair. Another critical factor in the product’s success is the use of minimized heat. Standard curling irons can get too hot. That intense heat, especially over the long term, causes unwanted breakage, damage and split ends. Plus there’s the frustration of dealing with one curl at a time.

The multiple C-shells heating system eliminates all the hassle of regular irons. Not only does the product use minimum heat, it also cools down while the hair is still set in the C-shells. This gradual cooling inside the chamber allows the curl to stay in place longer, unlike other methods where the curl can weaken the moment the hot hair is exposed to cool hair. In fact, the curls and volume created through the TopStyler last no less than 3x longer than comparable hair tools.

Expect wondrous results with no damage to your hair. Utilizing the C-shell system, transform your hair in warming cocoons without extreme and threatening heat and achieve smooth, lustrous results.


Even those that claim it may be a little expensive have boasted about the results and being glad to have made the purchase. Right now the TopStyler can be picked up for $99 at the official website. Sears has it as high as $116.99.

TopStyler Explained and Demonstrated

Product Features

  • Rapid heat-up
  • Uses optimal heat for maximum results without overheating
  • Ceramic heating components
  • Heated ceramic styling C-shells
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Power indicator light
  • Single button operation
  • LED indicator light
  • Ready indicator light
  • Storage compartment
  • Zip-up travel case


  • Other products are aluminum or plastic with ceramic paint. The C-shell is solid ceramic, making it far more heat efficient. This results in longer lasting curls in less time.
  • The revolutionary styling tool creates curls that last 3x longer than a curling iron without any hair damage.
  • Unlike hot rollers and round curling irons, it employs a simple finger curl technique that creates natural looking curls and waves that can be formed into a stunning array of shapes and sizes.
  • No more multiple tools. Fingers replace rollers.
  • Hair burns at 250° F. Unfortunately, most curling products use anywhere between 380° to 440° F, far more than what’s actually needed and promising the threat of hair damage. The TopStyler never goes above 200° F. Burning hair is not a requirement for setting hair. A lower temperature allows the curl to naturally set.
  • Curling irons wrap from the ends. Only the ends receive heat. This tool wraps at the base, infusing hair with a gentle, uniform heat over the length of the hair, setting the style.

System Parts

The complete package comes with:

  • 10 large styling C-shells
  • 5 medium-size styling C-shells
  • Two 4-in-1 Styling wands
  • Instruction manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Sleek storage case


Anonymous: “Overall, it’s a little pricy, but I haven’t touched my flat iron since I got it! Practice, practice, practice, and you’ll find it worth your while.” (1)

Carolyn Morris: “I purchased this product about 1 month ago and use it 5 days a week. Love the product, easy to use and curl lasts all day. So happy I invested in this product.” (2)

Daisyeyes:  “I am so impressed with the TopStyler system! They take a little practice, as others have said, but this is the best way to get beautiful, lasting curls. I’ve tried it all: flat iron curls, curling irons, curling wands, fancy blowdryers and round brushes, wet sets, velcro rollers, hot rollers, rag curls, paper bag curls, sock buns, headband curls, twirly hot air brush. I mean I tried it all. TopStyler is my go-to for great curls and no frizz.” (3)


Surprisingly simple and versatile, the TopStyler gives you the opportunity to change the way you curl your hair with a better, safer method. Thanks to the patented ceramic tourmaline C-shells, there’s longer lasting curl performance, no more need for rollers and irons and less risk of damage to follicles thanks to the unit’s use of low heat.

Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll have the opportunity to have fun, playing with styles, textures and lengths. This is a promising and exciting new way to style hair, promising attractive, sexy curls with great body and volume. Spend just five to twenty minutes a day preparing a style that will last 3x longer than other hair care products.

Stop frying your hair! Start getting beautiful, fast results without damage. Achieve soft, silky, natural curls and waves. Take advantage of the possibilities and it today.

Visit the official site here.

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Perfect Pancake Pan Review

by Virtual Exhibit on December 21, 2012

The Perfect Pancake is a device that makes it easier for you to make pancakes in your own home. While there are plenty of people who think that they can make some pancakes without the use of this device, there are also a large number of people who have been seeking this kind of device for a large period of time.

The B1G1 official offer is available here

When you use this device, you do not have to flip the pancakes on your own and have them flopping all over the place. While it is not exactly a “perfect” pancake machine, it definitely more than gets the job done when it comes time to make breakfast.

Who is this product for?

This product is basically for anyone who has had some trouble making their own pancakes in the past. Some people simply cannot master the art of flipping a pancake with a spatula, and that is where the “Perfect Pancake” maker comes in to save the day.You will be able to have four pancakes cooking at the same time, and you will not have to worry about them becoming destroyed when you try to flip them. The cooking device actually completely surrounds the pancakes so they cook evenly without the need to flip them.
What else do you get when you order?

perfectpancakedemoIn addition to the griddle that makes it easier than ever to cook pancakes, you also get some extra stuff with your order. First of all, you will get a batter dispenser that makes it easier to get the batter on the griddle. Instead of pouring batter all over your counter top while you are trying to get started, you will be able to fill the dispenser up with batter and then apply the perfect amount for each pancake.

You also do not need to worry about the size of the pancake because each spot on the griddle is about the size of one of the pancakes you would expect to get at a breakfast restaurant. It may not be the perfect size for everyone, but it definitely won’t be way too big or small.

Another item that you get with this device is the cookbook. There are plenty of special pancake recipes to be found in there, and you will never have realized how many types of pancakes there are until you take a look at this cookbook. Some people may think this kind of extra cookbook is not really needed in the age of the Internet, but you never know what kind of unique recipes you are going to be able to find in these kinds of booklets.

Using the “Perfect Pancake”

When you turn it on for the first time, you will notice that the griddle gets extremely hot rather quickly. This is the perfect way to make pancakes because you do not need to put them on the griddle for a very long time.Even when you keep the heat level set to medium, you will still notice that the griddle is very hot, so be careful when you start it up each morning.

Another perk of this griddle is that it does not let the pancake batter stick to the griddle while it is cooking. You do not even need to use any oil when you use this product, but some people will probably still go that route simply for the extra taste that can be added with certain oils.

3 steps

Since the batter is not going to stick to the pan, it also makes it very easy to clean up when you are done. One of the main reasons that some people do not like to make pancakes is that it can get rather messy, but that problem goes out the window when you are dealing with the Perfect Pancake. It seems like they thought of every problem associated with cooking pancakes when they created this device.

Our Conclusion

At the end of the day, the Perfect Pancake is going to be able to get the job done. There is not going to be a lot of extra flash and flair during the process, but this is definitely a product that you should get if you would like to make your own perfect pancakes at home.

When you take a look at the current price level, this machine should be considered a steal for most households. If you have never been able to make the perfect pancakes for your family in the past, then you should definitely think of this product the next time you go to make breakfast. This may also turn out to be a wonderful Christmas gift for that person in your life who loves breakfast but hates to cook.

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Freedom Formula 8 Review

by Virtual Exhibit on December 13, 2012

For several years now, I’ve been researching and experimenting with different ways to make money online.  I suppose you could even classify me as one of the motley crew they call “internet marketers”.  In the course of my adventures, I’ve found more than a few means of earning income that work pretty well.  And, obviously, some that really don’t, but we’ll save those stories for another day.  Most recently, I went through a course called Freedom Formula 8 by Ryan Moran.

Get Freedom Formula 8 Here

ff8productboxIf you’ve been productive online for any amount of time, you already know that there’s been a huge shake up at Google over the last year. A lot of the make-money-online type of product s that taught you how to create an income by getting traffic from Google just don’t work anymore. Fortunately, FF8 is not one of these programs. It shows you how to generate income in 8 simple steps without depending on traffic from Google.

The whole concept behind Freedom Formula 8 is based on…  You guessed it!  Freedom – whatever that looks like for you. Ryan has developed an 8 step system that teaches you to produce income online from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. So basically, if you’re not living smack dab in the middle of the Australian Bush or similar uninhabited wasteland, you qualify as capable of making this program work.  This “job free” income can mean enough money to quit your day job or perhaps just pay some extra bills. For most of us, it means more time to spend with our friends and family.

The Program

The program is made up of 8 training modules and a step by step guide. Each module has a detailed video explaining how to do all the tasks involved in that step as well as a corresponding chapter in the written guide. There are additional resources and more helpful information under each video.  Pretty thorough and straightforward.

Ryan not only explains how to “do” his system but also “does” it, live, in front of you, and shows you the results. After you finish the course and have your site/sites set up, you’ll be able to maintain and grow your income stream in (you guessed it again) about 8 minutes a day.

Who will this work for?

In short, anyone.  Everyone. You don’t have to have years of experience building websites or writing sales pitches. In fact, you don’t really need to know how to do much more than browse the internet in order to be able to follow the directions Ryan lays out.

In saying all that, don’t misunderstand – there are strategies that will hugely benefit even the most seasoned internet marketer.

So, if it’s really that simple and all that, why won’t it actually work in reality for everybody?  Well, I’ll tell you who the program will not work for.  This program will not work for people who don’t want to do anything. This is not some software that goes out and magically makes money appear in your bank account (Does that even exist? If you find it, let me know). There are actual steps that, yes, you have to actually DO.

How Freedom Formula 8 works

The basic premise is based on building websites that will both capture leads and create paying customers at the same time.  This gives you the opportunity to both make a sale and build a long-term relationship with someone who will become a repeat buyer.

Ryan-MoranYou are shown how to drive traffic to your websites instantly using both free and paid methods. Ryan demonstrates how to take these visitors and walk them through a process that will put money in your pocket. He actually made nearly $1,000 with his quick demo site in only 8 days (there’s that magic number again!).  That same site went on to make over $1,500 before he was done creating the course.

The two steps that really jumped out at me were #4 and #8. Number 4 really opened my eyes to several highly targeted traffic sources that you can literally turn on overnight. Step 8 shows how, in detail, to find JV partners and easily convince them to promote your site. These techniques work, and, when done the way Ryan lays them out, seem much more like offering to help someone than begging them to help you.  This is very powerful once you grasp how it can work for you.


There are several surprise bonuses that weren’t mentioned in the sales video. I won’t spoil the surprise, but to give you an idea, there are big names involved and you will come away with many powerful traffic-driving strategies that will help you no matter what level you are at.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t sweat it if you are not familiar with website building, hosting, or design.  Ryan covers all of that in detail.

Watch Ryans Free video explaining the program Here


My conclusion

For the newbie, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme and it definitely does take some work. In the end, I think this is probably the fastest way to build a profitable online business that is also sustainable. The price is low, at only $47. You will probably make this back before you even finish the course. Most courses simply do not deliver like that.

For those experienced marketers out there, many of the modules will be old hat to you, but there are several more that will open your eyes to inventive new ways to drive traffic to your existing sites and build your list insanely fast.

Whichever category you fit into, I’d give it a try.  I’m glad I did.

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Hot Buns Hair Review

by Virtual Exhibit on November 25, 2012

Hot Buns are hair accessories that make putting hair up into a mess-free, fashionable bun easy. The name may imply something entirely different, but this is probably to entice women to buy the product for the purpose of getting a hot, trendy and attractive look without going to the salon. After all, it is not difficult to twirl hair into a ponytail holder, whirl it around and secure it in place. So, is there really a need for a special gadget that does this?

Hot Buns Official Website

Just about any woman can relate to being in a rush with no time to style their hair properly. In situations like this, the only solution to the dilemma may be to quickly throw their hair up in a bun. Whether it ends up looking like a bun or a knotty mess may not be the greatest concern at the time, but this is exactly where Hot Buns come in as a product with a practical solution.

Achieving Salon-Perfect Styles with Hot Buns

Picture that woman rushing to get ready for work with no time to properly do her hair. She instead reaches for a Hot Bun with which to easily style her hair. Only with this amazing new product, as opposed to a ponytail holder, the result is truly a perfect, professional-looking bun. The one thing missing from this style versus another accessory is any trace of the knotty mess previously mentioned. Plus, there are plenty of other styles these can be used for as well.

While the end result of the styling with the product does appear elaborate and professionally done, the product itself does not seem to have much on the standard ponytail holder. In fact, at first glance, they look like traditional hair “scrunchies”. On closer examination, however, their patent-pending design is a bit more intricate.

They snap apart, becoming a tube for the hair to roll onto. To use a them, an individual rolls the hair around the opened Hot Bun, snaps it securely shut and wraps the band around the base of the bun to achieve a neat, glamorous hairstyle.

Right now you can get these lovely gadgets in two shades. There is a dark shade is for brunettes and a light shade for blonds. There is no color in between, so if a redhead wants to use the product it seems there is a slight risk of the accessory showing through the finished style.

This specially designed band allows users to secure hair in place without any uncomfortable tightness or pulling. Using the Hot Buns hair product also means not having to mess with things like bobby pins and copious amounts of hair spray just to keep the hair in place. In addition to coming in different shades, they also come in different sizes. There are three sizes to choose from in all.

The large size can be used for full, sophisticated buns, such as those needed for special events and weddings. Medium sizes work for just about any occasion whether classy or casual as they provide a more simplified, but still traditional, bun. Small sizes allow for half-bun hairstyles where some hair from the bun drapes at the shoulders.
Salon Results without the Price

Instead of having to pay a hair stylist to do what is a relatively simple job, a woman can make use of affordable Hot Buns hair product time and time again. They make the look of the hairstyle every bit as if it had been done in a professional salon, but definitely without the price tag. Not only that, but there is no need to make a special trip to a salon to get this timeless and elegant look for any occasion, whether it be a day at the office or a night out on the town.

For younger girls who want to look good for school or for a special date, this is a suitable product. In fact, Hot Buns work for girls and women of all ages. It can be a useful product to have around for moms who need to help get their daughter’s hair in shape at the start of a busy day. Plus, those moms can use theirs to sleek up their appearance before heading out the door to drop the kids off at school or head off to work.

Naturally, the testimony any person giving for a commercial is going to say something along the lines of just how much she loves her hair with the product. In fact, commercials do have women exclaiming, “I love my Hot Buns!”

That may be cute, but what do real customers that have not appeared in commercials think about them? What do they say about how easy it is to purchase or use the product? One customer said that, “Getting my bun to stay in position and stay in place is a lot easier with Hot Buns”.

Where to Buy

The results that this product gives alone are well worth giving it a chance. They are available online for prices that also make them a good value. A set of three runs about $10 plus shipping and handling. They also come with a band which secures the Hot Bun in the desired position as well as a booklet containing additional style hints and tips. The shipping charges are reasonable, and the use anyone can expect to get from the product should be well worth the purchase price and shipping several times over.

Order online B1G1 offer, or B3G3 in this case.

Overall, it may seem at first that the trendy bun is something anyone should be able to do without much effort, cost or styling tools. This product, however, does allow a user to achieve professional salon-like results without the time needed for an appointment or the cost for that appointment, whether it is a simple bun for daytime wear or a more complex, fancy one for an evening event.

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