P90X vs P90X2 Review of these two workouts

by Virtual Exhibit on May 21, 2012

For many years, the only at-home exercise programs available were your typical aerobics-based videos and DVDs.  Although these have helped many people lose weight, you don’t often see as a result the same muscle tone and definition that comes from gym workouts.

Well, all that changed with Tony Horton’s P90x program.

The P90x weight loss program introduced a different way of performing home-based fitness programs. When Tony Horton created this workout program, he had in mind a unique way of targeting different muscle groups.

P90x took fitness enthusiasts into a whole new level of working out with intense steps and rigorous exercises that produce outstanding results. Although many other programs came out since its inception, nothing came close to rivaling P90x.

If you are looking for a fat shredding home fitness program that allows you to see quick results, then P90x is definitely worth a try.  The question is what to do when you are done with the program?

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the all new P90x2 and how it differs from the original P90x.

P90x Workout

The hype over P90x intrigued many people, and they wonder how effective this home-based program really is. This workout program lasts for 90 days, and there are specific routines assigned per week. In addition, a recommended diet accompanies the prescribed workout routines.

This is one of the best features of P90x because it ensures good nutrition while you take on various routines and exercises. You can stay in shape and maintain excellent health because of the right combination of workouts and a supportive diet.

When you purchase the package, you will receive 12 workout DVDs, 3 cardio DVDs, and several other items. You also need to use basic equipment such as dumbbells, a chin-up bar and a mat when you perform the routines. You will have an easy time following the program because of the detailed instructions that you can find on the intro DVD.

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P90x2 is a sequel to the P90x, and it introduces an intense and effective way to obtain a fit and sculpted body. The fitness program uses the same 90-day philosophy applied in the P90x, although the sequel features three phases: foundation, strength, and performance.

Phase One works on your flexibility and strength, so you can finish the program without any injury.

Phase Two aims to strengthen the muscles through various weight-lifting exercises.

Lastly, Phase Three maximizes your potential, and you will find it to be quite an intense period of training.

A world class and reputable team of fitness experts designed P90x2 by incorporating the philosophies of sports science. You need to follow the prescribed routines and diet plan that the top athletes use as their daily fitness regimen.

You will realize that the routines featured in P90x2 are extremely challenging and geared towards increasing your fitness levels. This means that P90x2 is not the ideal program for beginners.

If you have never done any workout regimen in the past, then you should not start with P90x2. In fact, you should only opt for this program after having completed P90X. It makes sense that you can take on the next level only after you have accomplished the basic, but still very intense first program.

Differences Between P90X and P90X2

Both programs offer the same benefits of toning your muscles and giving you a stunning body, although there are several differences that you might want to know. Check out this comparison between the two popular home fitness programs.

1. The Diet Plan

P90x – It comes with a diet plan designed by nutritionists and experts who aim to provide the body with the necessary calories to complete each task.

P90x2 – The program features versatile dishes, as well as a gluten-free and vegan menu for individuals with special nutritional needs.

2. The Package Price

P90x – You need to spend $119.85 for the package that includes 13 DVDs, 3 cardio-based DVDs, diet plan, schedule of exercises, and several other inclusions.

P90x2 – There are different kit choices with varying prices. The base kit costs $119.85, deluxe kit is $239.85, and the ultimate kit is priced at $299.85.

3. Length Of Time Per Week and Routine

P90x – The program follows a 6-day per week regimen, with 75-minutes of yoga that features long-standing poses.

P90x2 – You are expected to follow a 5-day per week regimen including a 65-minute yoga session without the long-standing yoga poses used in P90x.

4. Use of Equipment

P90x – There is no need to use medicine balls and stability balls when you do the routines. However, you will need a few pieces of equipment such as a mat, dumbbells, and a chin-up bar.

P90x2 – Training includes the use of medicine ball to work out the upper body, particularly the chest. You also need to use the stability ball to keep you balanced when performing the tasks. With the P90X2, you have an option not to use gym equipment. This feature appeals to those who are always on the go and dislike the clutter of using exercise equipment or tools.

5. Intensity Of Routines

P90x – The exercises are ideal for those who are looking for a challenging intermediate workout level.

P90x2 – The moves are suitable for advanced fitness enthusiasts who look for a more challenging workout program.

These are only a few of the differences between the P90x and P90x2 workout programs. However, you need to understand your fitness level before you decide to take on either one of these fitness regimens.

Some practitioners even tried to complete the original program several times before they started with the sequel. They needed to condition their muscles before they took on the more challenging routines featured in P90x2.


The intense workout routines incorporated in the P90x and P90x2 programs are designed to help you see strong, toned muscles and a lean physique.

Before you decide to start with these home fitness programs, make sure that you seek recommendation from your doctor. You can avoid injuries or a worsening of any medical condition you may have when you consult a physician.

Moreover, you need to take your time when you engage in various exercises featured in the program. Do not attempt to rush the routines when your body is incapable of moving on to the next level.

P90x has been met with very positive responses and excellent results.  P90x2 will do the same and more for those who are interested in pressing on to an even greater level of health and fitness.

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