ASUS Transformer TF300 10.1-Inch 32 GB Tablet Review

by Virtual Exhibit on May 6, 2012

Are you looking to buy a tablet?  You’re not alone!  Tablets have become extremely popular. Although many of the tablets that are for sale are quality products, the one we are going to look at today is the ASUS TF300.

Typically, this product sells for around $399.00. There are many positive features to recommend it, and it has been rated highly among users.  However, we want to break it down and see what’s so great about it and if it’s really worth the price tag.

Asus Transformer TF300 Overview

The manufacturer promises that the ASUS Transformer TF300 will give you the best features found in a notebook or a tablet. It features an innovative design that allows the user to access a keyboard, a touchpad and a number of expandability options in one  device.

It has a quad core processor which runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It also features dual cameras, one of my favorite features. Many of the complaints about tablet devices have been the lack of cameras, and this product takes care of that by including both a front facing and rear facing camera.

One of the things that makes the ASUS TF300 unique is that you can purchase a keyboard “docking station” for it.  Just slip the tablet right into the keyboard and you have a functioning laptop. Both can be purchased at Amazon HERE.

Key Features

  • Processor – 1.2GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor
  • Screen – 10.1” LED touch screen
  • Hard Drive – 32GB Solid State Drive
  • Memory – 1GB DIMM
  • Micro HDMI port
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 1080p video recording

Additional – Adobe flash support, over 500,000 downloadable apps, front 1.2 MP camera, rear 8MP camera, extended battery life

It is an amazingly thin, ultra-light product.

Product Specs

The AUS TF300 is 10.4 x 7.1 x .39 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds. The shipping weight is 2.2 pounds.  It includes one standard battery.  The Item model number is TF300-T-b1-BL for the most popular blue version.

Both Amazon and the ASUS website will ship this product free of the charge within the continental United States.

Customer Reviews

There are many positive reviews of the ASUS TF300. Several users mentioned that the tablet has amazing speed and Wifi performance, outperfurming the Prime. Many users have said this product should give Apple a run for their money, and it seems the common theme among reviews was the value of the product.  People cannot believe the quality of the product for the price.

Some individuals remarked that the screen resolution is not as good if used at a distance; however, others have labeled it as “stunning”.  Most are quite pleased with the speed and overall performance of the tablet.

Some who purchased the tablet for a family member have decided to purchase a second one for their own use because they were so pleased with the performance of the first one. Others have been impressed by the power and versatility of the product.

Even though the exterior of the device is plastic most users seem to feel this is a durable device that will last.

The most common complaint that a few of reviews we found were that  the on screen keyboard tends to be “glitchy”. Fortunately different keyboard apps can be downloaded from the android market.

Many users also like the GPS function and the full customizability of the device. They contrast this with Apple that does not allow as much customer modification.


Based on the customer reviews and the relativity low cost of the device, the ASUS Transformer TF300 Tablet seems that it is indeed a very good tablet/notebook for the money.  Apparently it comes very close to performing as well as more expensive products like the Apple iPad. It comes with two cameras and has a very fast processing speed. Many users like this device and will continue to use it in favor of the more expensive Apple or other android devices.


Although the ASUS device may have some room for improvement, those that have purchased and used this device overall seem extremely happy with its performance. For the price tag, it does include a lot of features.

Those who have put off buying a tablet because of the expense involved should look at the TF300. Most users seem to feel that this device is well worth the money.

The Android system  is continuing to gain in popularity, and is now the basis of many of the smart phone systems as well as the tablet devices now on the market. The same operating system Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is now used on both smart phones and tablets making compatibility seamless.

Those who intend to invest in a tablet and want something a little more sophisticated than a Kindle Fire will like this tablet. Some who cannot commit to an iPad due to price or performance  and compatibility concerns will be pleased with the performance and function of the ASUS Transformer TF 300 Tablet.

Available at Asus and Amazon.

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