Flex Shot Review

by Virtual Exhibit on March 23, 2014

flexshotpicThis is a new maintenance product from the same company that created Flex Seal. Flex Shot is a single product with a multitude of adhesive and bonding uses from fixing trim, grout and cracks to literally sealing up holes in buckets. I have not personally tried fixing a bucket, but check out the video for the product, it is rather impressive.

Visit the Official Flex Shot website here.

I can see this rubber sealant being perfect for home care in the kitchen and bathroom as well as in, boats and especially RVs. It is very thick, it has an easy to use nozzle and comes in four different colors, clear, white, black and almond. If you are a DIYer or prefer to fix things instead of throwing them out, you can probably think of several uses or projects that might be perfect for this multi-purpose and new to the market product.


People are always in search of multi-use products. There is a higher perceived value if a product can perform more functions. These types of products tend to leave your cabinets less cluttered as well. We also like things that are both fast and simple. In short people want quality products that are versatile and easy to use. Most people need something fixed at one point or another and Flex Shot offers to be a one stop sealing, bonding and adhesive agent.

The Assertion:

The company asserts that it can bond to virtually any material. They say it can even be used to fill holes, both small and large. They claim that it can be used in a variety of different locations and even damp places like kitchens and bathrooms. They also say it is equally as effective when used on outdoor projects; on the exterior of a house, RV or even a boat.

The Big Pitch:

It is a “revolutionary” rubber sealant that seals, caulks and bonds “virtually everything.” It is “so easy to use” and gives a “perfect bead” every time you use it.

Because of its viscosity, you can even “stop the toughest leaks instantly!” This product can save you from having to deal with bulky and difficult to use caulking guns. It is “neat and clean” and can make your repairs with “pinpoint accuracy.” It comes out of the can “nice and thick”, it “clings to any surface”, and becomes a “stretchy rubber seal that’s virtually indestructible!”

It sets itself apart from other types of caulks and bonds because it will not dry out, shrink or crack. Flex Shot expands and makes every seal “completely waterproof.” This is backed up with some pretty impressive video footage of the product in action. This is such a new product that unfortunately at this point it is impossible to know if it will hold up in the long run. It is impressive, but does it have endurance?

The Value:

This is a double offer where you get two cans of Flex Shot in white, clear, almond or black with two extension tubes for $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. If you want to pay separate $9.99 processing fee they will also include a bonus “Handy Can” of Flex Seal.

Flex Seal is this company’s other flagship maintenance and repair product. This is definitely at the higher end of these types of products. Caulk is generally in the three to five dollar range. But if all of the claims and benefits of this product are real, I would say that it is a bargain. I never use all of my caulk or epoxy at once and it is messy and involves separate application gun or mixing two parts and eventually it dries out and I have to throw it away and buy more.

My Take:

We spend a lot of time in our RV and we love to boat too, this might just be the perfect product for us. Our storage is limited and it doesn’t take up much space, there is almost always something in need of sealing, most recently it was the shower.

Visit the Official Flex Shot website here.

It will save us from having to use a caulk gun or having to mix two part solutions. It just seems like a practical solution to a lot of our common issues and challenges. Also, I feel like it has a lot of crafting potential. I would love to use it to create something new instead of just fix my broken stuff. Personally I am excited about using it for some type of mosaic or collage project.

Final Review:

Flex Shot may or may not do absolutely everything it brags about. Most products rarely do. I am being realistic about my hopes and expectations. It is full of potential though and I definitely can’t wait to try it. I need to fix things and I want to make things and I want to give Flex Shot a try. It might just be the product I have been waiting for.

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StufZ Burger Maker Review

by Virtual Exhibit on December 14, 2013

Grilling is an American pastime. And really, there is nothing more classic than a good old fashioned hamburger or cheeseburger from the grill. Just thinking about the smell of burgers on the grill can be enough to make your mouth water. Having said that, people are always looking for a new twist on old favorites.

Visit the official website here.

stufzpicIt seems that food fusions of all kinds are hot these days; the more creative the better. Enter StufZ, the new fangled burger stuffing device that allows the traditional American burger on the grill to become an exciting and creative culinary project.

The Big Idea

This product claims to help you create the “ultimate fusion of flavor.” Due to the popularity of cooking shows and celebrity chefs, more and more people are excited about cooking and preparing food for friends and family at home. This is a good thing, because ultimately home cooked meals are healthier and more economical.

This chefs tool for the home is a great way to add some pizzaz to an otherwise ordinary afternoon of grilling. The idea is to give people infinite choices and flavor possibilities while working with a very familiar American food staple, the burger.


The company claims that the product “makes a perfectly stuffed and neatly sealed patty every time!” And that you can “make a stuffed burger just like a pro chef!” It claims to be easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It also claims to perfectly seal your burger locking all of the flavors inside with its super deep cup design.

The Promo

All of the hype surrounding this burger maker centers mainly on the idea that you will be able to make some really exciting and delicious burgers with flavor combinations beyond your wildest dreams. This is not a new product, but it has recently been re-branded.

The latest spokesperson for the product is celebrity chef, Brian Duffy of the show, Bar Rescue. He claims that he uses the StufZ burger stuffing device in all of his restaurants. In the promo video he says that his daughters favorite burger is stuffed with macaroni and cheese.

There are a lot of of other ingredient combination suggestions as well. They really drive home the point that with this burger stuffing device, anyone can now make a creative and delicious stuffed burger, “just like a pro chef.”

The Price

The offer on the official website is that you buy one Stufz device for 9.99 and get a second one for free, you just have to pay the extra 4.99 shipping and handling. Here is the catch, you don’t get the option for the second free device, it is automatically included.

The honest breakdown of what it will cost and what you will get is two burger stuffers for twenty dollars. Lets just round $9.99 to $10.00 and then round $4.99 to $5.00 (now you have, 10+5+5 = 20). It isn’t a bad deal if this thing lives up to its claims and hype, but it is presented in a seemingly misleading way.

Also ordering can be confusing, so make sure you order only one, because you automatically get the second one for free. If you “order” the second one you are going to end up with four burger stuffers and out forty dollars. Order with care.

Is it for you?

  • Do you like kitchen gadgets?
  • Do you and your family or friends like burgers?
  • Do you grill regularly?
  • Do you like the idea of creating a more exciting burger?
  • Do you want a healthier burger option?

These are all reasons you might want this product. This might be just the thing to get your creative culinary juices flowing. It is fun coming up with different combinations of ingredients for stuffed burgers and I bet kids would love it too.

My two concerns are that it may not be as easy and effective to use as the product claims because it isn’t made of a non-stick material. Also that it could leak.

Here is a hint, you have to figure out just the right amount of meat to put in the cups. Too little meat will lead to some leakage, while too much leads to uneven cooking and an undesirable texture. Additionally, you may want to pinch the burger at the seams where it may be likely to leak.

When all is said and done it is a pretty nifty tool despite a few nuances that it may take getting used to.

Final Assessment

Be cautious during the ordering process and be aware that you may have to clean the device several times when making multiple burgers and that there may be a bit of a learning curve when first using the product.

I like the concept of the StufZ burger stuffing device, but I really wish it was made of a non-stick type of metal instead of plastic. However they probably wouldn’t be able to sell it for the same price if it were.

I love burgers and refuse to eat the fatty, chemical mess that is in fast food. Even most restaurant burgers are just plain not good for you. I like to get, quality, organic meats and create my own tasty and healthy burgers.

My husband loves to grill too, so this product is great for us. I can make stuffed turkey burgers, chicken burgers and veggie burgers as well. Sure it is kind of gimmicky, but so what? As far as I am concerned you can’t argue with healthy and delicious.

Visit the official website here.

This type of product can be great for creating some healthy comfort food fusion. It is a really fun gadget for tailgating too. Tell your friends to bring over the ingredients they want to use to stuff their burgers and have a fun grilling party.

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Chop Magic Food Chopper Review

by Virtual Exhibit on September 17, 2013

The Chop Magic Chopper is a quick and easy slicer and dicer for veggies and other foods. It is an As Seen on TV product, trademarked by APG. It appears to be a super handy and useful kitchen tool that will cut down on food prep time and clean up. But, does it work well? Is it as great as it promises to be?

Visit the Official site here.

People always seem to be looking for improvements on the standard kitchen knife for their food prep cutting needs. This is one of those products. This product is made to make cutting, chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing easier, faster, safer and with less mess.

chop magic how to

If you have ever prepared a salad, stew or stir fry, you know that the majority of the prep time is spent chopping your ingredients. In fact I would venture to say that many people avoid certain recipes because of the amount of time and effort required to chop vegetables. Unfortunately, these are usually the healthiest meals loaded with fresh nutrient rich vegetables.

The truth is that we all need to eat fresh, home cooked meals more often, and it is possible that this chopper could bring us all one step closer to this kind of healthy eating.

The Assertion:
This “magic” food chopper will save you time in the kitchen because it is fast and easy to use. It promises less mess as well as no tears when chopping onions. It is stainless steel and easy to clean because it is machine washable. It can chop, dice, cube, mince, slice and dice in seconds.

The Pitch:
There are a lot of similar chopping devices out there on the market. The thing that makes the Chop Magic seem better is its simplicity and quality. Some similar devices have a lot of different parts that are easy to lose and difficult to store.

Other similar devices have hinges for the chopping action and a flimsy design that may be prone to breaking. Also many of them are not dishwasher safe. This chopper is better than other choppers because it is a simple box and bladed lid configuration. It is durable and sets up and breaks down easily for use, cleaning and storage. This chopping device will make healthy cooking a fast and easy process.

dealThe Value:
Here are the offer details: You can buy one Chop Magic set for only $19.95, plus $7.95 for shipping and get a second  one for free, but you have to pay a separate $7.95 shipping and handling fee. With their offer, you will also get 2 “Perfect Tortilla” pans, as well as 2 Recipe Guides, and a “BONUS Web Only Mystery Gift” for free.

The pricing seems about average for these types of devices, as well as the add ons and bonus items. The part that I thought was really impressive is that you also get a lifetime guarantee. Chopping devices always become dull over time, I am curious to see if the “lifetime guarantee” will be honored when this inevitably happens.

The Promise:
The Chop Magic promises that it will easily chop squash, peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini in addition to mincing garlic, onions, and mushrooms. There are a lot of possibilities with these ingredients, from a super healthy stir fry to fresh homemade sauces.

This little kitchen chopper also promises that you can make a personal home salad bar for the family, by cubing veggies, meats and cheeses as well. What a great idea. The whole family will be eating healthy every night if it really is this easy. French fries, no matter how you make them will never be a “diet” food, but they can be a delicious and tasty treat made much healthier when you make them yourself and have control of the types of potatoes and oil you use.

This little chopper claims that it slices potatoes with ease. Just slice or scallop a sweet potato, drizzle it with coconut oil, add sea salt and black pepper to taste and bake this great little treat in the oven. The more I think about it the more healthy snacks and treats I could make with the Chop Magic.

There are options from fruit salads to salsas to guacamole. I know it can dice onions, peppers and tomatoes, but, I wonder how it will do with dicing an avocado? I am looking forward to trying that one. Sometimes I avoid putting things like, melon and pineapple in my fruit salad because they can be an inconvenience to cut.

I am excited that this chopper is going to help me introduce new healthy ingredients into some of the dishes that I already make as well as inspire me to try recipes I might have avoided previously because of labor intensive chopping requirements.

foodslicerI am often really terrible with knives, so this is a great kitchen tool for me. I have scars on my fingers from attempts to cut tomatoes, onions and bell peppers with traditional kitchen knives. One of the features of chopping devices like the Magic Chopper that excites me the most is the safety factor. Now, I imagine creating exciting, flavorful and fresh meals, minus the fear of getting stitches or losing a digit in the process.

The second reason I love this device is that I tend to procrastinate making healthy dinners because I know how long all of the chopping is going to take me. Then, it gets too late and I just throw something easy together or get take out. This chopper cuts my prep time in half and actually makes cutting all of the vegetables kind of fun. In the long run I think it will save me money because I will actually use the fresh ingredients that I buy, instead of just rotting in the refrigerator due to never getting around to chopping them.

I know it sounds lazy, but admit it, you have done it too. Another favorite feature of this chopper is, “no tears” and less contact with capsaicins. Have you ever diced a spicy pepper or even just an onion and even after washing your hands accidentally touched sensitive skin? It can be rather painful. Having this little chopper will hopefully save me from such incidents in the future.

Visit the Official site here.

Final Thought:
I love to cook, but I hate to chop. The Chop Magic is a great product for me. It is safe, fast, and easy to use. It is relatively easy to clean, especially since it is dishwasher safe, although a regular knife is definitely a bit faster to clean. I still have a few questions about this device like, how do you sharpen the blades and how long will they last? Is it going to be durable in the long run and will the lifetime guarantee be honored? We shall see. In the meantime, I am going to have fun playing with new recipes and eating a ton more fresh vegetables than I would have before I had access to such easy chopping.

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Aero Knife Review

by Virtual Exhibit on August 4, 2013

Finally, a new twist on an old tool. That’s right, you guessed it, the knife. This new fangled knife is described as “making smooth, clean cuts, without food sticking to it, every time!” Personally I was intrigued for several reasons.

  1. In the past I have had some rough luck with knives while cutting both vegetables and cheese and my hands have the scars to prove it. (My father is a professional Chef and my knife skills are pretty much the shame of the family). I thought perhaps this knife might be safer for me.
  2. It is just difficult in general to find a good knife that isn’t outrageously expensive.
  3. I often find that “good knives” are heavy, which makes them both more dangerous an more difficult for me to use.

aeroknifeVisit the Official Site

So, are the manufacturers claims true? Did they really improve upon the knife by adding cut-outs to the blade? Why is the Aero Knife so different from any other knife?
The knife is one of the most rudimentary and basic tools that humankind has. Knives are one of those absolute essential items in every house! Cavemen even made knives by sharpening rocks and stones until they had a sharp edge.

We need knives to cut food to eat and obviously we need to eat to live. The heart of the matter is that it is a survival tool. I have been tired of struggling with dull knives, heavy knives, big knives, small knives and knives that barely even work, for years now, yet I still need to have and use knives. Enter my new best friend, the Aero Knife.

The Assertion:
The makers of the As Seen On TV Aero Knife, claim that it is “the greatest innovation in slicing bread, since sliced bread! This versatile kitchen knife is designed to do it all, and is guaranteed to stay razor sharp for life!”

It is no secret that marketing people have to make wild, dramatic and hyped up claims to get noticed and sell their products. It is what they do, it is their job. Most of us are savvy enough to know that commercials can be deceptive.

Every once in a while there is a gem buried beneath all of that hype. Maybe this is a great knife, but, really, a knife that will stay sharp for life? Honestly this seems like an impossible claim.

The Push:
Not surprisingly, the manufacturer uses a celebrity chef in the infomercial to demonstrate the knife with some fancy slicing and dicing action shots.

I must say that I was immediately impressed with the fact that food doesn’t stick to the knife when you cut with it. This is one of the key features of this new take on the knife. I also particularly like the fact that the cut-outs make it lighter and easier to wield. Like I said before I am somewhat of a hazard with most knives… My hands are definitely witnessing the extraordinary value of this knife already!

How it works:
It has an aerodynamic design with cut-outs in the blade that create less friction when you slice. This unique and updated knife design makes it so foods doesn’t stick to the knife and softer foods don’t simply get crushed in the cutting process.

The Aero Knife is made to cut just about everything in your kitchen. It carves meat, filets fish, slices and chops, onions, bread, tomatoes, you name it.

I have found that it even works better than any of my specialty knives. It is exceptionally light and cuts beautifully and nothing sticks to it because it has holes in it which gives it 60% less surface area than a traditional knife.


This knife is a surprisingly great deal! It is only ten dollars and totally worth the investment. My dad, the chef, has given me professional French and Japanese chef knives that cost over a hundred dollars and frankly they don’t really see the light of day since I have been using this knife.

Like I said before, it is my new best friend. Additionally they have deals where you can get two knives and a sharpener called the, Edge of Glory to add to the value of your purchase. Don’t get too excited though, they will definitely charge you to ship the extra items.

The Commitment:
You get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If the Aero Knife doesn’t reduce cooking prep time and doesn’t find you completely satisfied with the ease of use, just return it within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping and handling which is a bit hefty but not totally unacceptable at $7.99.

Just like any other kitchen knife I wash and dry this knife immediately after use. Prolonged exposure to acidic substances like tomato and citrus will damage any high quality knives over time.

Even though the company claims you can clean your new knife in the dishwasher, I recommend washing and drying this and all knives by hand in order to prevent damage and dulling to both the blade and handle.

Compared with some of the fancier knives I have, the handle looks and feels a bit cheap. This in no way stops me from using it, but they definitely spent their efforts on blade design rather than the handle. The handle seems like an after thought.

Now I keep my “nicer” knives on display, while actually using the Aero Knife. Also, like I said, I know advertising has to make wild claims like, “it will stay sharp forever”, or some such thing, but lets be honest, that just isn’t possible. And why on earth would you offer a knife sharpener as an “extra” with this product if it in fact never has to be sharpened?

The Assessment:
My dad always taught me that “the most dangerous thing in a kitchen is a dull knife.” I have found this to be true which is why I love this new knife. Once you are putting your body weight into chopping something it really becomes a recipe for disaster, no pun intended.

This knife stays sharp much longer and has even increased the speed at which I can get my chopping and food prep done. To be honest, I actually feel more confident when I am slicing tomatoes, onions and cheese than I ever have before.

Visit the Official Site

If you can relate to my knife and kitchen cutting woes, I most definitely recommend giving the Aero Knife a try.

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Cat’s Meow Toy Review

by Virtual Exhibit on August 1, 2013

If you’re like most cat lovers, you don’t just like your cat, you love him. He not only brings you immense joy and pleasure but he is your one consistent bright spot. The one furry being that can make you laugh and smile with his crazy antics. As a reward for all the love, joy, and fun that he brings to your life, you want to pay him back. Not with money of course, but with fun and excitement! Well, now you can.

Visit the official Website
Introducing the Cat’s Meow. It is more than a simple mouse toy, it is a mind-stimulating game that encourages your cat in ways that a real cat and mouse chase would. It is a brightly colored nylon toy that encourages your cat to watch, stalk, pounce and play. Whether he is 10 weeks or 10 years, your cat will have fun, fun, and fun!
How It Works

The toy consists of a round yellow plastic nylon circle. Underneath the nylon is a wand that is attached to a motor that is covered by nylon. When it is turned on, the wand mechanism moves around randomly like mouse or other imaginary prey. The prey runs in circles, changes patters and never stops moving. Since it is so unpredictable, your cat doesn’t quite know what to do next. In fact, when your cat gets it, it still keeps on going. Its like the Energizer bunny for cats.


It is so realistic that it even makes scurrying sounds and is so clever that it changes direction at whim. This adds mystery and fun to the chase. One moment it might go right then when your cat pounces or touches it, it goes left. It might stay left for a bit and then boom it goes back right. You or your cat never knows that that crazy “mouse” will do next.

Cats are drawn to this toy like bees are drawn to honey. They can’t control the urge to swat, jump and pounce on the moving object underneath the yellow nylon. When they see it, their predatory instincts are immediately turned on. Instead of sitting still, they must move and act now. They must chase the thing under the yellow nylon mat. They must get that mouse.

Take it from us, this intriguing “critter” will keep your little ball of energized fur happy and entertained for hours at time. This toy that will entertain your cat and bring a smile to your face every single time you see your cat doing what he does best – playing, having fun and pouncing on the pretend “mouse”.

The motor is continuous when you’re there and when you’re not. Simply turn it on and watch your cat go. Even when your cat pounces on the toy, it keeps on going. It costs $19.99 and if you buy it off their site, you can get another one for free. You simply pay shipping and handling charges.

Here are some pros:

  • Stimulates cats’ brains – they may even try to figure out how it works by going under it.
  •  It is relatively quiet however you can hear a bit of scurrying and it chirps once your cat catches it
  • Encourages your cat to think and strengthens their predatory instincts • Extremely durable and is made of nylon and doesn’t tear easily.
  • Can be used on any flat areas (carpet or hardwood floors are fine)
  • Helps cats burn off excess energy
  • Encourages a cat to exercise that is great for overweight felines.
  • Relatively inexpensive and encourages them to pounce, play and act out predatory skills.
  • Can be used by more than one cat at a time.
  • Is safe and effective at entertaining your cat
  • Even with constant pouncing and scratching the nylon doesn’t typically tear.
  • The Cats Meow makes a really great gift and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

According to Rachel on Rachel’s Reviews, “I can keep the kitties happy and far away from my home office. I know they are happy and occupied in the other room while I get my work done.” She also stated, “My cats play with this toy every day and they never seem to get tired of it. They do get tired – its fantastic exercise!”

According to mommy blogger of Frugal ideas, “The best feature of the Cat’s Meow toy is that it keeps your kitten so busy he won’t have time to scratch the furniture or drapes. Cats get bored easily. Without the proper toys they will go in search of their own fun. This can result in expensive furniture being torn to shreds. The Cat’s Meow Toy will help them burn off that restless energy, focusing it on good clean fun rather than bad behavior.”

According to Steve Murphy on Amazon this is a great toy for inactive cats. “I bought this on Amazon under a different name (Undercover Mouse) but was sent Cat’s Meow brand toy. One of my cats loves it, sits by it, comes running when I turn it on, or even hears me moving it. She’ll play with it for an hour or more if I let her, which is great because my two indoor cats can use the exercise and extra mental amusement etc. Second cat is totally disinterested, but that’s mostly because the first one monopolizes it.”

Here are some cons:

  • You have to manually turn it on, it is motion activated. If it gets tangled you will have to manually straighten it out.
  •  Some people think it’s too noisy, especially chirping when their cat pauses it.
  •  Your cat may become so obsessed with it that you have to throw away other toys
  •  Appears to work slower on carpet than flat surfaces
  •  You have to manually turn it on or off.
  •  You have to buy your own 3 C batteries since they aren’t included.
  •  May cause cats to behave more aggressively towards small moving objects
  •  Some cats may only be mesmerized for a short while whereas others may be entertained for hours, it depends on your cat.
  •  Some cats become frustrated because they can’t ever seem to catch that mouse.
  •  If you use it on a regular basis, the motor may burn out more quickly.
  •  You might get dizzy watching your cat run around playing with the toy

Negative Reviews?


Some users complained that the toy broke after only a few minutes of use. Do to the overwhelming number of positive reviews we found we could only assume that these users must have gotten a faulty toy to begin with.

Others complained that the batteries wore out to quickly and had to be changed. It seems to me that if the cat likes the toy and is using it a lot the batteries would be drained pretty quickly. I guess this could be good and bad.

We found complaints about the noise and having to turn it on and off as well. Any electronic toy with a motor is going to have both of these issues. Motors make noise and have to be turned on and off…you decide.

Our Conclusion

The Cat’s Meow seems to be a favorite cat toy by most cat lovers and cats. It not only encourages Tom and Jerry chase- like behavior but it is mysterious, fun, and entertaining for your cat and for you. Plus, it helps gets cats moving and grooving and encourages instinctive predator behavior.

Visit the official Website

Although it doesn’t come with 3 C batteries and you have to manually turn it on and off, cats seem to really enjoy it. Although it is relatively quiet, some users seemed irritated by the scurrying and chirping noises that it emits. However, others are too mesmerized by their cat’s funny antics to notice.

The majority of users seem to think its benefits far outweigh its cons. Since the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee, you and your cat can easily try it out and see if it’s a winner. If it isn’t you can send it back for a full refund. With its relatively low price, clever nature and durability, it seems like a great toy for your best feline friend.

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Rollie EggMaster Review

by Virtual Exhibit on May 20, 2013

The Rollie EggMaster is an innovative cooking technology that was initially created with cooking eggs in mind but is very useful for an array of different culinary tasks and kitchen adventures.

Visit the official site here.

The Basics:

rollieofferThe Rollie was invented with the intention of making cooking eggs easier. The use “vertical cooking technology” is behind the convenience of this product.

Just break eggs into a heated cylinder shaped cooking device and eight minutes later it pops up out of the device and you have perfectly cooked eggs without the mess of cooking eggs in a frying pan.

Manufacturer Claims and Hype:

This product promises to save you time in the kitchen. It will save you time on both cooking cleaning. Easy to use while also eliminating the need to use a frying pan when creating a hot delicious breakfast and it will make “perfect eggs every time.”

The Real Benefits:

Healthy – A tiny bit of cooking spray is all this cooker needs which eliminates excess fats and oils.

Easy – Easy to use and clean, it comes with a cleaning brush.

Variety – You can make a variety of dishes and the product itself comes in a variety of fun colors.

Extras – Recipe guide, Rollie chopper, wooden skewers, and a special cleaning brush.

Fun – Get creative, make new recipes and include the kids!

Compact and Convenient – Perfect for small spaces like dorms, apartments, RVs or hotel rooms. It would be really great for camping! Imagine having less dishes to do while camping, how nice would that be?

If you had the right inverter, you could even cook with the Rollie while roll’n down the road and finally eliminate the need to stop at fast food restaurants on road trips!

The Drawbacks:

The biggest drawback of this product is that “tube shaped” food, unless it is sausage, is not appetizing looking to many people. I have read some goofy reviews that somewhat hilariously poke fun at this device because of the way the food looks when it comes out of it, in particular, the eggs.

There are ways around this! Simply cut the food up, and “scramble” the eggs on the plate after cooking them in the Rollie.

My Take on the Rollie:

Seriously, I think this thing is super fun! The advertised benefits about saving time with cooking and cleaning and making life easier etc. are not as compelling to me as the fun factor for me.

I know that people are crunched for time and resort to eating unhealthy cold cereals for breakfast or are just plain disasters in the kitchen. That is not me. I am actually a pretty good cook. I am a foodie.

I come from a restaurant family. My father is a chef and I personally love to experiment in the kitchen! Interestingly, these are the reasons that I think the Rollie is so fantastic.

I really love the fact that this product comes with a recipe guide. I just know that the recipe guide would inspire me to create a bunch of new recipes myself. In my opinion, the manufacturer should be marketing this product a little differently.

I think that the real value in the Rollie is not in it’s egg cooking capabilities, but in its many other possibilities. This is novelty cooking at its finest!

eggcookerThink of the fun you could have with this thing and the creations you could make! Have you noticed the popularity of cake balls or cupcakes recently?

I am pretty sure you could make cake cylinders with this product. Who wouldn’t want a cake cylinder on a stick? Not only would it be easier and less messy to eat, but this could seriously be a new kind of street food. No forks, knives or plates! I really think this product may shine in the dessert realm.

Cost and Value:

This is certainly in the eye of the beholder and I have seen it for different prices in a variety of different places. Some reviews I have seen think that the price is a bit high. I tend to disagree with that sentiment. If you think of most small convenience appliances like blenders, coffee makers, ice cream makers, waffle irons or toaster ovens, you are going to have to spend at least $30 to get a quality item.

At $29.99 the Rollie is a great novelty cooking appliance deal. If you are the type of person who would use it daily for breakfast or meals it is an even better bargain.

My Conclusion:

The Rollie inspires my imagination in terms of the meals and desserts I could create as well as the places I could take it and conveniently use it. I would really love to see it marketed towards a slightly different demographic than just “moms”, because lets face it, cooking eggs really isn’t that hard.

Visit the official site here.

It would be particularly great for college dorm rooms, campers, travelers, road trippers and those who like to experiment with fun kitchen toys. If the manufacturer focused on the innovative uses for the Rollie beyond eggs at home, it would make it appear less “silly” and more like the great product that it actually is.

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PackIt Freezable Lunchbag Review

by Virtual Exhibit on May 3, 2013

Reusable gel packs and plastic encased ice packs brought lunch carrying to a new level years ago, allowing people to include food items that could not be trusted for long at temperatures above refrigerator level. Those reusable items were a boon at the time, but they also have their drawbacks.

freezablepackitVisit the official site here

Where kids are involved, the most frequent issue is that the additional items don’t come back home. When they do make it home, they often don’t find their way to the freezer to be ready for the next use. The worst characteristic of those reusable add-ons is that they eventually begin to leak. Not only do those leaks create messy lunch bags, the material used often borders on being toxic.

Solving Problems

The PackIt freezable lunch bag solves the problems of the reusable cold packs packed along with the lunch. It uses an eco-friendly gel as a liner of the bag. There is no separate cold pack to forget to include or retrieve. The 8.5 x 5 x 10 inch bag folds flat when empty. It takes up little room in a backpack or work bag and can be placed directly in the freezer to await its next use.

Because the eco-gel is encased in the walls of the bag, there is no separate cold pack to gather up after lunch or to remember to place in the freezer on returning home. Instead, the entire bag stores in the freezer and is ready to use as is for the next day’s lunch.

Cooling Performance

The manufacturers claim that the PackIt bag will keep food cold for up to ten hours. Some people say that food is cool after ten hours but not cold, but others report that their food is refrigerator cold at the ten hour mark.

One reviewer was disappointed that food was only cool at the end of the work day, but then said that he had given the bag only a couple of hours in the freezer before using it. It seems that the bag lives up to its cooling claims when it is allowed to spend the night in the freezer.

The mother of an eighth grade daughter bought a PackIt specifically for her daughter to use as a research object in her school’s science fair. The student has a penchant for proving advertising claims to be false, and expected that the bag would not be able to meet the claims made about it.

She found that the bag’s internal temperature rose from 40 degrees to 42 degrees over five hours, compared to a standard cooler containing a freezer pack. The standard cooler could manage only 56 degrees, and that increased to 60 degrees over the same length of time.

The student was rather disappointed with the bag’s superior performance, since they were hoping for another failed ASOTV product, but both she and her mother now know they can trust it for the student’s school lunch.

The Product

The bag measures 8.5 x 5 x 10 inches when fully expanded, making it large enough to accommodate most types of containers that people use for packing lunches at home. It folds flat when it is empty, taking little room either in a backpack, purse or freezer.

Both the interior and exterior are vinyl, making the bag easy to clean. It is not washing machine or dishwasher safe. One caution that reviewers note is that users need to be careful with the interior lining to avoid tearing it. Many say that the lining is quite durable under normal use and in the absence of sharp objects.

There is a Velcro closure and a carry handle on top. The packed bag can be carried by its handle, but it also can be clipped to a tote bag or a computer bag so that the user can enjoy hands free transport.

The bag is available in a wide range of solid colors and print patterns. There are bags that school children, nurses, advertising executives, retail clerks and all other working people can feel comfortable carrying. All are the same size, but everyone can find a color or print that suits their individual taste.


PackIt is available from some online retailers as single items, but the company’s own website offers a “BOGO” – buy one get one free – arrangement in which the customer pays separate shipping and handling for the purchased bag and for the free bag. This arrangement saves about $8 on the cost of two bags.

Some customers grouse about the separate shipping and handling required when buying two bags, but others observe that the bag’s value goes far beyond its $19.95 price.

Visit the official site here

One office worker noted that he saved more than the purchase price of the bag during the first week he owned it. An added benefit was that he ate healthier lunches than he had been getting in restaurants.

The Bottom Line

The PackIt freezable lunch bag is quite serviceable and reliable as a bag for safely transporting and holding lunches. It keeps food cold at safe levels for as long as most people need for their food to stay cold.

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Pocket Hose Review

by Virtual Exhibit on April 19, 2013

phoseThe Pocket Hose is a simple and easy to use shrinking garden hose. What makes this product wonderful is what happens when you take it off the tap and then let it dry.

Visit the official site here

When it is not under pressure it becomes very small, compact, and light, allowing for easy transport and storage. It can be stored anywhere, including shelves or drawers, any small storage space, and yes the shorter versions even fit into your pocket, lol.

When pressurized, the hose extends between 25 and 100 feet, depending on which length you choose.  Once you’re finished using the pocket hose, you just take it off your tap and see it shrinks back to its very small and easy to carry size you can then simply store for use another time.

This hose never kinks, twists, or knots. It provides a continuous flow of water just like all good hoses should.

The pocket hose has two layers. One of the layers is made from a rubber material, which stretches and expands when it is in use. There is also a nylon-type material that covers the inner layer. This material protects the hose from freezing or from melting in extreme weather conditions or temperatures and helps to protect it from any puncture or damage.

Does it really work?

To make certain that it works properly every time you use the hose, look for the inlet as well as the outlet of the hose. The inlet of the hose is the end portion that you connect to your tap. The outlet is the end of the pocket hose where the on and off lever is connected.

You need to ensure the lever on the hose is at all times set to off when it is not in use.The hose will not expand correctly if it’s left in the on position. All standard nozzles can be connected to the outlet of the hose without any problem.

You can connect the inlet of the hose to the faucet and once done, just turn the water on. When you’re done simply turn off the water and open the valve at the end of the hose. As you are draining the Pocket Hose out, you will begin to see the hose shrivel to its original size.

Potential Drawbacks

There are some drawbacks with this hose. The most note worthy is that you should disconnect the it after every use instead of leaving it outdoors where it will be exposed to many elements. While this is not a must it will extend the lifespan of the hose considerably.

Another concern is the length, which ranges from 25 to 100 feet long, is not as lengthy as some users might want and can have problems reaching all the areas of larger garden or backyards. So, make certain that you buy the correct length.

The final concern is that the Pocket Hose does take some time to shrink back to its normal size, which must be expected. Simply turning off the hose and letting the water drain out allows it to shrink most of the way but it wont return to it final super small size until its dry.

Great Place to Get the Best Deal and Price

A lot of users recommend ordering the hose online through its official website. Aside from receiving a 10-year warranty, you will also get the chance to purchase two Pocket Hoses for the cost of one hose. You can get this when you cover the added shipping and processing fee. Furthermore, if you are not fully satisfied, your product is covered by a 100% money back guarantee on your purchase if you bought it from its official website.

As mentioned earlier, the hose is available in four different lengths: 25 feet ($12.99), 50feet ($19.99), 75feet ($32.99), and 100 feet ($39.99), with an extra $7.99 for handling and shipping. You can get an additional hose for a slight additional fee beginning at $9.99, so you can attach two hoses to guarantee the hose is sufficiently long to meet all of your gardening requirements.

A neat new addition to the Pocket Hose lineup is that it now comes in 7 different colors/patterns. So if green is not your thing you have some options.


Maintenance of your Pocket Hose

Proper usage of this hose and consistent care will prolong the life of this product. The hose should be kept away from direct daylight when not in use and should not be left near harsh chemicals. The hose should be drained after each use. This hose shouldn’t be scraped on brick, concrete, or any other rough surface that can snag the nylon covering of the hose.

Residual moisture from earlier usage may cause the rubber hosepipe to stick to itself. This is natural and doesn’t usually cause any damage to the hose.

To help in prolonging the life of the product, you should to be careful when switching the water on. You should not begin with a heavy and full stream of water especially when the hose has not been used for a long time. You should gradually increase the water pressure to give the rubber a chance to adjust as the water streams through it.

Is it right for you?

This is definitely an excellent addition to any home or garden. It comes in a range of sizes, is super handy and truly easy to store. Since it can contract and expand, it can be kept in little spaces when not being used and can return to its normal length when necessary.

So, whether you’re a keen and ardent gardener, you need a hose for general use, or if you don’t have huge space to keep a normal hose, this is a good choice for you.

If you own a home, boat, or even summer cabin, you probably want to have a garden hose available for regular use. The Pocket Hose solves many of your issues by giving you a dependable hose that’s very light and will not take up so much space or get kinked and knotted.

Visit the official site here

With the assurance available through its official website, giving the Pocket House a try is risk and hassle free.

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Hot Huez Hair Chalk Review

by Virtual Exhibit on April 12, 2013

Hot Huez hair color is a safe and simple choice for a quick burst of bright color. With vivid shades of Fiery Fuchsia, Neon Green, Hot Pink and Electric Blue to choose from, you’ll have a great time making your hair match whatever you’re wearing. The best part that it stays where you want it, when you want it, and when you’re done you just wash it out with shampoo.

Visit the official website here.

How is it Different?

For starters, this stuff is completely temporary. It doesn’t change the molecular structure of your strands like dyes can do. The primer that you spray on first makes sure that the color does not bond permanently to your hair. You can wear your choice of color today and go back to your soft, shiny, naturally toned locks tomorrow.

Because it is a chalk instead of a spray, the coloring is far less messy and much easier to get right. All you have to do is separate a strand you want to color, and then glide the chalk compact in a downward motion to the tips of your hair. You instantly have evenly applied color. You don’t have to mix anything up and you don’t even have to wear gloves if you’re really careful.

To be on the safe side, though, wear a towel or old sweatshirt over your shoulders so if some of the color does brush off, it doesn’t matter.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Art Chalk

Pastels and other colored chalk you can buy in an artist supply store aren’t intended for use on human hair. They work well on flat, stationary surfaces like canvas or parchment. Art chalk is powdery and does not provide even color on hair strands. It doesn’t adhere to each piece of hair and tends to end up on your collar or shoulders after a short period of time.

Hot Huez is designed specifically to provide brilliant color highlights on your hair. It stays where you put it for as long as you want it. It washes out easily with warm water and shampoo. Artist’s chalk is not made to be washable.

Hair Chalk Style Ideas

Mix up the colors for a trendy, tie-dye look. Hot Huez chalks come as a set, so don’t be afraid to use them all. Try coloring slender locks and then style your hair in a messy up-do for a really stunning outcome, or weave them into a single lobster braid down your back for a fresh take on a classic hairstyle.

If you want to stick with one color for a more elegant effect, try just chalking the lower half of your hair after putting some curls in. To get really fancy, slide more than one color on each section of alternate curls to get lovely rainbow-like locks.

Dos and Don’ts

Before applying, make sure that you wash out any conditioner, mousse or hair spray. Dry your hair completely, especially if you have light colored tresses because otherwise the hair chalk can be hard to completely wash out.

While the design of the compact applicators prevents almost all chance of a mess it’s still a good idea to use it in an un-carpeted area like the bathroom or even outdoors. That way, you can concentrate on getting the color right and not worry about your surroundings.

We recommend coloring only small sections of hair at one time. If you try to chalk a thicker tress, you won’t get an even, professional result. This product actually works great and delivers vivid color if you take the time to do it right.

Our color stayed fresh all day. We did find out that wearing a dark top or one that is close to the color of the hair chalk you use helps hide any color that might drift down.

One of our testers who has light blonde hair had to shampoo more than once to remove all traces of her neon green color. Our brunette tester had no problem removing her Fiery Fuchsia in a single washing.

hhcompactHot Huez Hair Chalk User Feedback

Mothers of tweens and teens give it rave reviews. The compact applicator makes it easy for their daughters — and sometimes sons — to put the color where they want it without making a big mess. Because the hair chalk washes out with soap and water, moms feel good about letting their tweens and teens glam it up for the day.

People also like using this temporary hair coloring product for special occasions and even costume parties because it delivers brilliant, fun shades with no long-term commitment. Those who have written reviews online mention the safety of hair chalk as compared to chemical dyes. They like the vibrant colors and the easy clean up.

Visit the official website here.

One downside some reviewers mention is that applying hair chalk takes more time than immersing their hair in dye. You have to color each section individually. However, many concede that the fabulous results they get are worth a few extra minutes of their time.

Whether you want to experiment with some subtle colored highlights or want to wow your date with brilliantly toned locks, Hot Huez gives you the versatility to try on new colors without having to settle for the same look in the long-term.

With a well-balanced palette that lets you mix colors for completely different effects, you will find a great way to express your signature style. The color is temporary, the products are safe to use, and the unique applicator keeps the chalk where it should be — on your hair.

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Table Mate Review

by Virtual Exhibit on April 5, 2013

The Table-Mate is one of the recent entries into the As Seen On TV comfort items market, flanking its innovative and cozy cousins the Snuggie blanket and the Forever Comfy gel pillow.

In TV advertisements, the Table-Mate is shown in a variety of colorful everyday situations, showing its black-and-white inconvenient counterparts and why Table-Mate is worth every penny of the $29.99 plus Processing & Handling (although, you get a second one absolutely *free, with an additional round of P&H).

Visit the official site here.

After reviewing the laundry list of features of the product this becomes an intriguing purchase. What appears to be an average TV tray is so much more – a command center for watching the big game, a pint-sized platform for the little ones to color on, a bedside breakfast nook, the eighteen-tables-in-one device is even shown to support a giant fifty pound water jug without faltering. The commercial shows a truly useful apparatus.

This table slides and hides, but does it misguide? What can you expect when yours arrives in the mail in its processed and handled glory?

What to expect:

Upon excitedly tearing open the box, you will be greeted with some relatively simple construction. It is imperative that the five pieces click into place tightly. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a surprise when you try to set your laptop (or fifty pound water jug) on its surface. When assembled, the pile of parts becomes a surprisingly lightweight and supportive addition to the room. The unit itself weighs about six pounds, making it a reasonable weight for users of all ages to move and stow.

The legs are attached to the upper portion of the surface and come straight down, leaving ample leg room. This thwarts the cross-structure of many TV trays that confine the legs in an uncomfortable manner. It will be a pleasant surprise to many who have tried -and failed- to find comfortable products in the past.

What does it do:

The feet are two flat rails that parallel to the floor. This ergonomic design allows the device to slide forward and backward. This feature is handy, whether you’re bringing a laptop computer or bowl of chili closer, or getting up to use the restroom. The table moves easily enough without becoming a problem. A minimal amount of effort is required which means your new surface won’t be sliding around the room like an amateur speed skater.

tablemateimageThe claim of “eighteen tables in one” is a valid one. The surface portion adjusts three ways: flat (for dining), slightly angled (for reading or laptop computer use), and angled (for drawing or crafting). The legs adjust to six different heights, creating a device that has utility for anyone from a small child to a tall adult. Depending on the chair, a single user will have reason to adjust the device for multiple parts of the room.

Adjusting is simple as pressing in the buttons on the legs and moving to the desired height. However, as these buttons hold up the weight of the table, a little effort is necessary to depress them (heads up for the faint of thumb strength!)

One of the most important aspects of this product is the surface itself. The surface is large enough to accommodate a laptop computer or a full place setting for one (two of the most popular uses). The bottom lip of the surface is elevated to a degree that a laptop, book, or pencil will not slide or roll off. This feature is extremely useful, but some consumers have voiced concerns that the surface can be a little too slick. A thin, cheap rubber mat makes a quick remedy.

The designers slipped in a useful little bonus – a hidden cup holder that emerges from the right-hand side of the surface! The cup holder rotates so no matter the angle of the surface, you will always have an uptight drink. This is perfect for those who like to sip a latte while working on the crossword puzzle or enjoy a pint while watching the game.

What to love:

The adjustable height and straight-rail legs and feet allow for ample leg space while making access as easy as a gentle push or pull. The adjustable angling of the surface makes the Table-Mate the perfect “jack of all trades”, for diners, artists, internet surfers, writers – just about anyone.

The ergonomic folding of the Table-Mate make it easy to set up and take down, to store and stack. Perfect for those with smaller living areas.The cup holder keeps your beverage upright no matter what the use – and leaves extra surface area for diners!

What not to love:

The same adjustable buttons that support up to fifty pounds unfortunately make adjusting the height take a little more effort – could be an issue for older users.

The surface was found to be the slightest bit slick but a thin rubber mat worked as an excellent supplemental grip

As of press time, only one color is available, white. While a neutral color that won’t clash with the room, but definitely can look out of place.

Final thoughts:

In a generation where every TV advertisement promises to improve consumer’s lives in one way or another, these bold claims are pretty well substantiated. The versatility, portability, and dexterity of this device make it a must-have in any living room situation.

It’s use isn’t limited to one purpose or one demographic – the Table-Mate will change the way you dine, work, and enjoy hobbies. It’s a great bonus that this product is also backed with a lifetime replacement guarantee by the manufacturer.

While some may be turned off by the thought of dealing with paying processing and handling and waiting several weeks, the multiple uses of this handy product outweigh the frustrations of ordering and waiting. When your living room needs a friend, the Table-Mate will be there.

All in all, we found this portable table to be very useful and worth the price.

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